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Keep Your Clients & Your Business Safe from Wire Fraud

The only funding and disbursement product that fully integrates with your title production software, client portal, and bank.

The Shield Difference

An Integrated Experience to Help You Close Faster

Wire Fraud Detection

Evaluate sellers’ and payoffs wire instructions for the risk of fraud using a multivariable assessment

ID Verification

Verify any transaction party is holding a valid, government-issued ID in their name via ID scanning and facial recognition technology

Earnest Money Deposit Collection

Automatically and digitally request and collect earnest money deposits

Robust Wire Integrations

Get alerts the moment incoming funds become available and securely send outgoing wires to your bank

Get Peace of Mind with Wire Fraud Detection

  • Wire Fraud Risk Assessment for Sellers and Payoffs

    Shield evaluates wire instructions for the risk of fraud via a multivariable assessment, including routing number, account number, account ownership, and review of other fraudulent patterns.

  • ID Verification with 99% Accuracy

    Users scan their IDs via mobile phone, and Shield provides an analysis of the barcode to determine if the ID is government issued or not. Shield also scans facial geometry and calculates a similarity score between the photo ID and the facial scan.

Provide a Best-in-Class Client Experience

  • Automatic Requests

    Automatically prompt buyers to submit earnest money deposits in a secure portal the moment you open an order. Give buyers the flexibility to link their desired bank account via a Stripe integration or upload an image of a check.

  • Automatic EMD Confirmation and Deposit

    Confirmation of EMD submission is automatically sent to the buyer. Shield will then automatically deposit the check into your chosen bank account. Once the check clears, the check will be marked as cleared in Qualia.

Automate Your Workflows

  • Automatic Incoming Wire Matching

    Incoming wire data will flow directly into a centralized queue in your title production software throughout the day. Shield will notify users and suggest accounting items to match to incoming wires.

  • Rekeying, Eliminated

    Send wires to your bank’s approval queue in just a few clicks. Materially reduce the potential for employee errors as well as the amount of time your team spends rekeying information.

  • Some features available only with participating bank partners

headshot of William Gordon, Chief Finance and Operating Officer, Spire Abstract

William Gordon, Chief Finance and Operating Officer, Spire Abstract

“To me, Qualia is the perfect out-of-the-box solution for small businesses. Security couldn't be more important to us, and Qualia is doing security right. Shield has been a great leap forward for our business in terms of cybersecurity.”

headshot of Sean Batcheler, VP, Producers Title

Sean Batcheler, VP, Producers Title

“Shield gives us more confidence in wire instructions to see that everything the seller provided is matching what we already have in the system, like their address. If it doesn’t match, the system signals to our employees that they need to take extra steps to verify the wire instructions and investigate if something doesn’t look right.”

See Their Story
headshot of Debbie Schoenborn, President, Paramount Title Agency

Debbie Schoenborn, President, Paramount Title Agency

“Buyers and their real estate agents don't have to leave their house, drive around, or drop off EMD checks anymore, so it's a huge time saver. I also love that we are able to consolidate systems for us as well as our clients, so clients don't have to log in to multiple portals.”

See Their Story
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J David Felt, Owner, J David Felt PC

“The wire integration with our bank is great because I’m notified of incoming wires right inside Qualia 3 times faster than before. The wait time is reduced from 15 minutes to just 5 minutes. Once the wire comes in, it’s easy to just click on the incoming wire and boom, the wire is matched to an item in Qualia.”

Key Features

Secure Collection of Sellers’ Wire Instructions

With Shield, sellers provide bank details in just a few clicks, giving you the peace of mind you need to send funds and complete the transaction.

Securely Share Wire Instructions with Buyers

Send wire transfer instructions to clients in a secure, password-protected portal. Buyers have peace of mind knowing the wire instructions are authentic and coming from you.

ID Verification

Unlike other tools that utilize Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), Shield looks directly at the barcode on scanned IDs and will verify the person presenting it with 99% accuracy.

Wire Fraud Risk Assessment

Shield provides a low, medium, or high wire fraud risk assessment for sellers and payoffs. A detailed PDF summary of the results will be generated automatically and added to the documents section.

Real-Time Fraud Alerts

You and any designated members of your team will receive a notification when fraud or suspicious activity is detected.

Digital EMD Payments

Eliminate the need for paper checks for buyers and provide the option to generate a check digitally from their mobile phone.

EMD Check Upload

Your clients have the flexibility to upload an image of a paper check on their mobile phone. No more driving to the bank or your title company to drop off a check in person.

Wire Integrations

Get notifications in Qualia as wires become available throughout the day. Send wires to your bank’s approval queue in just a few clicks.

Built-In Buyer Education

Educate buyers on the risks of wire fraud the moment the transaction begins with a two minute video.

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