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Fully Integrated
Vendor Management

Easily find, order, and complete critical closing services


Find Your
Existing Vendors

Comprehensive Vendor Search

Easily search within Qualia and choose from hundreds of five-star rated vendors who offer title search, release tracking, notary services, and more.

Instant Access to National Vendors

Get immediate access to closing service providers nationwide, with new vendors, product categories, and products added regularly.

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Automated Order
Placement & Delivery

Automatic Ordering

Automatically order products or services like a title search or a tax search the moment you open a file in Qualia Core.

Seamless Results Delivery

Receive information from completed orders automatically into your file, no rekeying required. Once the data is delivered, easily add requirements and exceptions to the title commitment.

Centralized Reporting

Price and Turn Time Tracking

Track pricing trends across all vendors to avoid missing out on cost savings. Uncover the highest performer in a specific county or state.

Optimized Vendor Management

Identify opportunities for automated ordering where patterns emerge and you notice you’re ordering the same products again and again.

See Some of Our National Vendors Here

Fast Time to Value

Immediate Access

Eliminate the need to build and maintain bulky custom integrations from scratch to work with your preferred vendor partners.

Customizable to Your Needs

Once your vendor is on Marketplace, you can start placing orders immediately. From there, it’s easy for your partners to build further customization to meet your unique needs.

Key Features

Streamlined Vendor Communication

Get out of disjointed portals and declutter your team’s inboxes. Messages to closing service providers in Marketplace are automatically associated with the relevant closing transaction.

Automatic Ordering

When your processors open a file, automatically place title search orders, lien searches, tax certificates, and other product types with your vendors based on configurable criteria such as state, county, or transaction type.

Smart Task Triggers & Task Autocompletions

Based on vendor activity in a file, automatically assign groups of tasks to your team members. Tasks will autocomplete as processors work the file.

Automatic Data Entry

When you order Plus products in Marketplace, key information from your file automatically flows into the order form. With a Title Search Plus product, for example, the title search vendor delivers the fulfilled order information back into your file, without needing to rekey anything.

Predictive Ordering

Commonly ordered products are surfaced based on state or transaction type. For example, if you’re working on a file of a specific transaction type and in a particular state, Qualia’s predictive ordering capabilities surface the most commonly ordered products based on that criteria.

Automatically Add Requirements and Exceptions

Marketplace users report decreasing the time it takes to enter title search into the commitment by 80%. Many report that they’ve completely eliminated the time it takes to enter the information because requirements and exceptions are added automatically.

headshot of Ray Manuel, VP of Operations, National Title Solutions

“Since the performance metrics are all kept in one centralized place, we’re able to track quality of work and consistency of turn times with title searches.”

Ray Manuel, VP of Operations, National Title Solutions

Measurable Results

Work 5x Faster

With search data automatically entered into the commitment

4 Days Reduction

In closing turn times with automation

9 out of 10 users

Report they are confident in the predictability of vendor turn times

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