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Real-Time Communication Gives Homeinc an Advantage

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Company Name Homeinc Title
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Florida
Products Connect,Core,Marketplace

Dan Gitlin has over 10 years of experience as both a real estate investor and a broker, yet never during his career has he consistently received a high level of service from a title company.

He decided it was time for that to change. In early 2017, with his business partner, he decided to start Homeinc Title. "In a lot of ways, this is a dinosaur industry really ready for change," explained Gitlin. "As an investor and a broker, we decided to seize the opportunity and revolutionize the customer experience with modern technology."

Choosing the Right Technology Partner to Start

To make good on its customer focus, Homeinc needed to find the right technology partner to bring an unprecedented level of service to the closing process. This mission automatically cut out legacy on-premises software that cannot quickly adapt to changing landscapes and require dedicated servers. The team knew they needed a cloud-based solution that is scalable, flexible and customizable to meet the needs of a growing and forward-thinking business.

With that required criteria in mind, Homeinc started their search with ALTA’s preferred list of vendors. new: Quickly the list of several options dwindled down to just one that met their requirements: Qualia. Gitlin was shocked that despite the other softwares’ tenured track records and high costs, they suffered from not grasping modern technology needs and today’s standard security protocols. "I couldn’t help but wonder if we were back in 1997," recalled Gitlin.

Gitlin realized that instead of spending money on IT consultants and potentially unsecure expensive hardware, Homeinc Title could invest in staff, and marketing the new business.

Real-Time Client Connections

“Over the years, the most common complaint I hear about title companies is around their communication. Clients call someone then have to wait for a call back. The most important thing when someone reaches out is for your team to respond immediately,” Gitlin shared.

Qualia’s secure client portal puts Homeinc Title in a hugely advantageous position when it comes to instant communication. Now when clients need information, they can log into the portal at anytime and from anywhere to get the information they need without ever having to pick up the phone. And in the situations when clients do need to speak with the Homeinc team, Qualia’s intuitive design makes it easy and fast for staff to find the information they need.

As an attorney run title company, we wanted to ensure our attorney and our staff have the information and documents they need right from Qualia, either in our office or on the go.

Dan Gitlin, Cofounder of Homeinc Title

Gitlin appreciates that as “a title company you can’t control everything, but knowing what’s been done and what needs to be done is what’s really important to everyone in the transaction. Qualia’s ability to automatically store and surface this knowledge will alleviate a lot of stress on our clients and make us more profitable.”

Connections that are Good for Business Owners and Employees

Once Homeinc Title started using Qualia, several other benefits came up that they weren’t even expecting. Qualia launched a new Marketplace to enable vendor collaboration and speed up closing timelines. The portal simplifies Homeinc’s procurement, management, payments, fulfillment and reconciliation of vendor transactions for services such title search, surveys, release tracking, and notary. Gitlin appreciates that he can order title work “with a turnaround of less than 24 hours.”

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The fact that Qualia makes it easy for other vendors to connect directly into our system is huge for us. We don’t have to administer, and our team doesn't have to switch between ten different websites and remember multiple passwords. It's one and done.
Dan Gitlin Cofounder of Homeinc Title

Integration was also a big bonus the company wasn’t expecting. “A lot of organizations selling cloud-based based products don’t provide APIs,” said Gitlin. “The fact that Qualia makes it easy for other vendors to connect directly into our system is huge for us. We don’t have to administer, and our team doesn’t have to switch between ten different websites and remember multiple passwords. It’s one and done.”

Since opening a title company was a new business for Homeinc, everything needed to be right. “Whenever there is a substantial change, there is an opportunity for enormous success. We know we’re in a position to handle hundreds of closings per month with Qualia at our side.”

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