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How MJH Tripled Order Volume using Qualia Marketplace

Company Name McManamy Jackson Hollis, LLC
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Georgia
Products Core,Marketplace,Connect


McManamy Jackson Hollis, LLC (MJH) is a Georgia-based real estate law firm that was formed in 2020 by way of a merger between Lee, Black & Hollis, P.C., and McManamy Jackson, P.C.. Their team of nearly 40 real estate experts prioritizes consistent and smooth closings for all clients and conducts around 500 residential and commercial closings a month.

Michael Ganem
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Whether it’s a $60,000 lot or a $35 million commercial closing, we want to ensure a consistent and smooth real estate transaction for all of our clients.
Michael Ganem Chief Operating Officer, MJH

In 2021, MJH opted to use Qualia as its title & escrow closing software and invested in Qualia’s full suite of products including Core, Marketplace, and Connect. The MJH team leverages advanced workflow capabilities in Qualia Core to automate processes and streamline closing timelines. Marketplace is used as a “one-stop-shop” for vendor services, and Connect prioritizes efficiency and quality of service for clients.

The Challenge

Around the time of the merger, Michael Ganem, Chief Operating Officer of MJH, evaluated alternatives to replace the newly formed firm’s current closing software. He was certain that a replacement software was necessary – the firm’s existing system would often crash, making it impossible for the team to perform its day-to-day functions or moving closings forward. To make matters worse, when the team would reach out to its current software provider’s customer service department, the representative would simply tell them that their software version was out of date and that the team would need to update it manually.

The challenges were not worth the benefits. Inefficient workflows would often lead to employees working late hours and feeling burnt out. Several aspects of the closing process, such as ordering title searches and creating policy jackets, could not be completed within their previous software. This led to a longer closing timeline with countless back-and-forth emails between vendors and partners, vital information being lost or deleted, and no way to track transactions.

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The biggest difference between our previous software and Qualia is the ease of remote access to data.
Stephen Jackson Partner, MJH

The Solution

Ganem and the MJH team turned to Qualia to transform their current closing process. Qualia’s full suite of products allows the firm to generate policy jackets, request title searches, and so much more – in half the amount of time.

Automated Workflows through Qualia Core

Qualia Core is the central closing platform that allows users to process orders easily with digital workflows, accounting, and reporting. Workflows is the aspect of the platform that allows the MJH team to create a central list of tasks assigned to individuals or groups based on contingencies. “Smart Actions” is a helpful tool within Workflows that specifies a trigger that will automatically add a group of tasks to the order.

Improved Efficiency with Qualia Marketplace

With Marketplace, MJH’s in-house title abstractor, Public Title, was able to set itself up as a vendor, allowing the team to request and track title searches without leaving the platform. Public Title has completely streamlined its title search process using Qualia Marketplace – title reports that used to take 30 minutes now only take 15.

In addition to Public Title, MJH uses multiple vendors on Marketplace to fulfill tasks necessary to close. Centralizing vendor management simplifies ordering, paying, and reconciling vendor transactions with all information now within the Qualia platform.

When their internal title examiners are overloaded, MJH can order title work from other vendors and their request is filled within 7 hours. Having a “one-stop-shop” for vendor ordering, tracking, invoicing, and reporting has drastically reduced the length of closing timelines and tripled MJH’s capacity for order volume.

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We learned about a firm in Atlanta that was using Qualia. They were closing around the same volume as we were with half the amount of people. That’s when we knew we needed to make a change.
Amelia Smith Paralegal, MJH


With Qualia, MJH is more efficient and organized and has been able to increase its order intake without adjusting headcount. MJH has more than tripled its closing volume, going from 70-100 closings per month to 300-500. Compared to its previous software, MJH has cut closing times in half with each transaction now averaging a one-week preparation window. Additionally, Qualia’s cloud-based closing platform eliminated the need for manual updates and minimized downtime. Ultimately, Qualia has improved the McManamy Jackson Hollis client experience by eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining efficiency.

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Going from our previous software to Qualia was like moving from DOS to IOS. It was night and day.
Michael Ganem Chief Operating Officer, MJH

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