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How National Title Gives Clients Closing Options

Company Name National Title Solutions
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Illinois
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Ray Manuel, VP of Operations of National Title Solutions, and his team utilized the RON-compatible capabilities of Qualia and Qualia Connect to give their clients the freedom to choose where and how they close on their residential or commercial transactions. This has helped Ray and his team to safeguard the health of their clients and themselves.

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Our customers love the communication through Connect. If we're talking about a curbside closing or where it will be, all the communication is through Qualia. They don't have to worry about missing an email because everyone is talking within Qualia Connect.
Ray Manuel VP of Operations of National Title Solutions


As companies move into their new routines, many have embraced practices that allow for flexibility in location. For the title and escrow industry, this includes remote work and remote closings, depending on local regulations. Ray Manuel, Vice President of National Title Solutions, and his team responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by giving their clients multiple options for where and how they would close on their residential or commercial transactions. Through a partnership with Qualia, the National Title Solutions team had the tools they needed to make this flexibility possible for their clients.

National Title Solutions utilized Qualia Connect to communicate and share closing documents with their clients. As a result, their clients had the flexibility to eSign documents for their closing and determine where they would be closing with their settlement agent. Clients had the option of choosing one of the following for their closing: completing their closing curbside, closing outside of their home, or closing through RON through the Qualia Marketplace.

Curbside Closings

Ray shared that clients were able to choose to remain inside their cars outside of the National Title Solutions office. Clients eSigned all non-notarized documents through the Connect app and could sign anything requiring a wet-ink signature using a disposable pen. The notary was able to confirm the identities of all parties in the transaction from outside the car, preventing the spread of illness.

Doorstep Closings

Ray shared that another option provided to clients was the opportunity to close on their transactions without leaving their homes. In this case, the client was still able to sign documents through the Connect app with the eSign feature. Then, a closer from National Title Solutions and a notary would drive to the client's home and drop off any documents requiring a wet-ink signature outside of their door, where the notary is able to confirm the identity from a safe distance.

RON Closings

If a client chose to close through RON, the settlement agent will identify a RON vendor through the Qualia Marketplace. The client is still able to receive documents through the Connect app and sign them prior to the closing. Documents that require notarization could be signed and notarized through the Qualia Marketplace. Once this has been completed, the notarized documents and the video of the RON transaction could be uploaded directly to the order in Qualia. This ensured that all closing documents are organized and housed safely.

The above three options empowered National Title Solutions and their clients to prioritize their health and busy schedules during the first few weeks of shelter-in-place. Qualia Connect continues to provide a secure platform to send, eSign, and save closing documents, allowing clients the freedom to choose where and how they complete their closing transaction.

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