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How Sarah Blackburn Saves $500K+ Annually With Qualia

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Company Name Bspoke Title Holdings
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Texas
Products Core


Sarah Blackburn is the president of BS Title Team, a company that manages title companies, and the owner of eight title companies across the state of Texas: Key Title Group - Austin, Key Title Group - San Antonio, Joy Title, Lighthouse Title, Gateway City Title, Tall City Title, Southern Plains Title, and Vista Title. Sarah operates her companies with the mission of providing transparency into the process along with exceptional service for every client. Sarah made the switch to the Qualia Platform in 2018, making her one of the earliest adopters of Qualia in the state of Texas.


Prior to adopting Qualia as her companies’ title and escrow software, Sarah was using a costly and cumbersome system. In addition to the base cost of the software, it was pricey to request custom reporting or to set up a client portal. The constant added fees made it difficult to keep their software budget in-line.

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We were one of the first companies in Texas to adopt Qualia and the Qualia Platform has been a godsend for us. I wouldn’t want to do business without it.
Sarah Blackburn President of Bspoke Title Holdings


Not only does Qualia provide transparent and cost-effective software, but it is easy to navigate and optimize. Custom reports can be created quickly and seamlessly through the reporting functionality in Qualia. Because of this, the BS Title Team has access to thousands of reports, with limitless possibilities, all included in the cost of the Qualia Platform.

Better yet, training for Qualia users is easy and free. All Qualia users have 24/7 access to Qualia University. This self-serve platform makes it easy to train new employees or learn how to accomplish a task in Qualia. This added value has allowed for the BS Title Team to save money on training and employee recruitment.


With Qualia as the title and escrow software for BS Title Team, Sarah and her team have been able to save over $500K each year in basic fees alone. As an added bonus, they have also been able to cut down on costs for employee training and recruitment through Qualia University.

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