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How Qualia Helped McCord Law 3x Production and Save a Marriage

Company Name McCord Law Firm
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ South Carolina
Products Core

When the McCord Law Firm, a family business, first started, they were using a different software for title production, and it was “set up horribly”. They kept having issues that were interfering with their workflows, and making life harder for owner Matthew McCord and his wife Katie McCord, who is the firm’s paralegal. They looked into Qualia on a recommendation from their title rep.

Today, Katie says she has expanded how much they can process per day by over 3x. Matthew notes that when working on reconciliations together, he’ll ask Katie to make changes to a file, and he won’t even have to leave his tab because the changes pop up instantly. Katie says they’ve taken on more work and had their biggest year yet because of Qualia, as the software improvements made her workflows (and their marriage!) so much easier.

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It made my workflow and our marriage so much easier. We’ve been able to take on a lot more, and we’ve had our biggest year yet because of Qualia. It saved our marriage, I can’t praise it enough.
Katie McCord Paralegal, McCord Law Firm

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