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How Pro Land Title Grew from 11 to 20 Offices with Qualia

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Company Name Pro Land Title
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Benton, AR
Products Core


[Pro Land Title]( is a title company headquartered in Benton, Arkansas. Since starting with Qualia in 2017, Pro Land Title has expanded from 11 to 20 offices across Arkansas. When deciding to switch title & escrow software, Pro Land Title wanted to find a cloud-based technology platform that was easy-to-use for their employees. By adopting Qualia Core as their closing software, Pro Land Title was able to quickly onboard and train their staff, scale operations, and improve the closing process for both their internal team and clients.


Before switching to Qualia, Pro Land Title tried a variety of different title production software. Ashley Kaplan, Director of Training and Compliance at Pro Land Title, explained that “our previous software was not intuitive for our team, which made it difficult to train new employees and led to frustrations for our current staff.” For employees to accomplish daily tasks, Pro Land Title’s team also needed several different software solutions for each part of their process. Using multiple software tools created information silos, which led to inefficiencies and disjointed communication among teams and individuals working on a file.

Additionally, Pro Land Title’s legacy software was on-premise (compared to cloud-based software), making updates difficult and time-consuming. Their IT team needed to constantly dedicate resources to manual software updates, testing, and syncing the system with the main server. Users would often be locked out of the system during the update process, which inhibited productivity and made it difficult to provide consistent and high-quality service for clients.

*Siloed and Manual Processes Limited Growth*

Due to shortcomings and lack of features with their legacy title production software, Pro Land Title relied heavily on other tools and solutions to complete closings. For example, it invested in a separate software to interface with underwriters and another to manage vendors. Additionally, because their legacy system lacked an integrated title production software, their team often used manual tools—like pen and paper on legal pads and spreadsheets—to track orders.

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If our order coordinator was out sick, we were out of luck. We had to decipher his handwriting on his legal pad.
Brian Perry Co-Owner of Pro Land Title Company

Prior to starting with Qualia, Pro Land Title had an ambitious growth plan, but the journey to get there was less clear. Inefficient processes and unreliable software made it difficult to scale. Using multiple tools for processing transactions made internal communication a challenge throughout the closing process.

Lack of information sharing between their back-office, who were closing deals, and their front-office, who were serving clients, made day-to-day operations cumbersome and time-consuming. Their legacy software also lacked underwriter integrations, resulting in inefficiencies as processors tracked down data and shared material. These daily inefficiencies compounded, making it difficult for the team to increase productivity and process more order capacity without hiring new staff.

*Difficult-to-Use Software Led to Challenges Attracting and Retaining Talent*

Hiring and retaining talent is a common challenge in the title industry. According to the American Land Title Association (ALTA), almost 21% of the title industry’s workforce is within 10 years of retirement. This means that hiring and training new talent is especially important for the longterm success of title companies.

Change management and training employees can be a time-consuming process, and if a company’s closing software is not user-friendly, it can make it difficult to retain employees. Pro Land Title’s legacy software had a poor user interface, making it challenging for their team to train new employees—especially if they lacked significant experience in title. This ultimately led to difficulties attracting and onboarding new talent. A rocky onboarding process due to outdated technology made it difficult for Pro Land Title to retain talent, which contributed to challenges with growing order capacity and delivering a consistent experience for their clients.


Brian Perry, Co-Owner of Pro Land Title Company, explained that "intuitive and state-of-the-art technology is what drove us to Qualia. The fact that we could work in the cloud was a big benefit. The cloud makes it easy for our closers to input information and transfer it into Qualia, which is a big deal for us." With Qualia’s cloud-based software, updates happen automatically, saving valuable time for processors and IT teams. Perry said that Qualia’s combination of cloud-based software, easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and ongoing training opportunities through Qualia University were major driving factors for making the switch.

*Improved Workflows to Centralize Operations*

Since switching to Qualia, Pro Land Title has grown their order capacity by 300% while simultaneously scaling operations across offices to meet client expectations and partner demands. By leveraging automation and redesigning their workflows with Qualia’s Dynamic Workflows, Pro Land Title saved time and improved their closing experience. Creating effective workflows enabled Pro Land Title to increase operational efficiency and ensure that their teams met service level agreements consistently.

With Qualia, Pro Land Title centralized operations and reduced processing time for many closing tasks. For example, the time needed to produce a Closing Protection Letter (CPL) went from 15 minutes to 30 seconds with Qualia. By transforming their internal processes, Pro Land Title has saved their employees time and allowed them to focus on core competencies—such as closing deals and providing excellent customer service.

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Our retail branch needs to focus on closing deals rather than the backend process of the closing. With Qualia, we can tailor our corporate office to deal with the backend in a centralized fashion, so the front end of the business can focus on clients and providing great service.
Brian Perry Co-Owner of Pro Land Title Company

*Intuitive Software to Simplify Change Management*

Change management is a difficult piece of the new software puzzle. “Qualia was our third software change. Any time you have a software change, there’s resistance. The ease of change and ease of training was a concern,” Perry explained. He and his team were pleasantly surprised by Qualia’s onboarding process and found that Qualia was user-friendly and intuitive for employees with a wide range of technological capabilities. Kaplan explained that “Qualia’s user interface makes it easy for staff to log in to the system, input and share information, and communicate with colleagues, clients, and other closing parties.”

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From a user standpoint, Qualia is by far superior—it’s easy to learn and intuitive. From a non-technical user standpoint, it blows anything away that I’ve seen.
Ashley Kaplan Director of Training and Compliance at Pro Land Title

After onboarding, Pro Land Title’s team collaborated with Qualia’s Customer Success team for ongoing support to help get the most out of Qualia through technical support, integrations, and employee training through Qualia University. Additionally, Qualia’s flexible infrastructure enabled Pro Land Title to advance alongside new technologies and respond to market shifts while continuing to exceed client expectations. By investing in growing with Qualia, Pro Land Title was able to process orders faster, scale their business, and continue to provide a high level of service for clients.


With Qualia, Pro Land Title improved internal processes to help with employee onboarding and retention while also creating a closing experience that exceeds customer expectations. After making the decision to switch to Qualia, Pro Land Title onboarded in just a few hours. Once onboarded, Pro Land Title used Qualia to simplify previously time-consuming processes, such as order intake, producing CPLs, and client communication. Qualia removed barriers to Pro Land Title’s growth by making hiring easier and speeding up daily operations. Since onboarding in 2017, Pro Land Title has tripled their order capacity from an average of 300 orders a month to 1,200 orders a month on Qualia.

These efficiencies helped Pro Land Title almost double to 20 offices across Arkansas. As Pro Land Title grew, Perry explained that Qualia’s user-friendly software had recruiting and retention benefits as well, saying that “Qualia has allowed us to attract heavy hitters and talented individuals in the industry.”

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