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How Novation Title Uses Time Savings for Employee Growth

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Company Name Novation Title
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Utah
Products Core

Nuria Rivera founded Novation Title Insurance Agency in 2015. The Novation Title office is located outside of Salt Lake City in Midvale, Utah. Nuria and her team use the Qualia Platform to save time and money on real estate closing transactions.

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With Qualia, we have cut down a lot of our processing time. Because we were able to go from two systems to one, coupled with the ability to log in from anywhere, we’ve been able to get so much time back into our day.
Nuria Rivera Owner of Novation Title


Nuria Rivera, the owner of Novation Title, has been in the title and escrow industry since 2006. When asked why she founded Novation Title, Nuria expressed, “I started Novation Title because I wanted to redefine the closing experience. Purchasing a home can be the biggest investment in a person’s life. These are special moments and I want to capture that.”

In addition to her drive to celebrate her clients’ milestones, Nuria also deeply believes in creating a strong company culture. Nuria’s goal is to curate an environment where her employees can grow, both professionally and personally. By using Qualia, Nuria and her team have saved 25% of the time previously spent processing files and have been able to invest that time back into employee growth.

As a female leader, I believe that I can inspire others. I want my team to feel that when they come to work and know that they can step into their power.

Nuria Rivera, Owner of Novation Title


Nuria and her team previously used two software platforms to manage their transactions. This was costly and time-consuming. Nuria wanted to find a platform that could manage everything, while also matching her team’s values. “We are a forward-thinking, innovative company, so I’m always looking for the best way to simplify our processes,” Nuria shared.


Nuria stated, “In my research of software systems, I came across Qualia. I watched one video and immediately felt connected to the brand.“ Her company’s focus on innovation was reflected in Qualia’s sleek and easy-to-use interface. She instantly knew that the Qualia Platform would help her team simplify the closing process.


With Qualia, Novation Title was able to simplify their workflow by consolidating their processes into one system instead of two. By doing this, her team has been able to save 25% of the time spent processing files and decrease their software costs by 38%.

In addition to simplifying the Novation team’s workflow, Nuria has been able to strengthen the company culture. Nuria has always been passionate about investing in employee professional and personal growth, and now with Qualia as her title and escrow platform, she has been able to increase the time spent coaching her employees.

I’ve been able to set aside time to bring life coaches to speak with my team about various topics, like communication and relationships. We focus on all areas of life, from health and career to relationships and finance. This is a huge value-add for my employees. They know I want them to grow as much as they want to grow and that I really support their goals.

Nuria Rivera, Owner of Novation Title

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