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How Hankin & Pack Tackles 2,000 Orders a Month

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Company Name Hankin & Pack
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ North Carolina
Products Core,Connect,Marketplace,Qualia API,Professional Services

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We are lawyers, not software developers. The way Qualia is built, you don’t need to be an expert in software. It is easy to use and easy to customize.
Jon Hankin Partner and Attorney at Hankin & Pack


Hankin & Pack is a law firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their diverse client base includes traditional homebuyers and sellers, qualified institutional buyers, homebuilders, tech companies, and hedge funds. Because of their variety of clientele and a high volume of monthly orders, it was vital to Hankin & Pack that their closing software was intuitive and allowed them to focus on their clients’ unique needs instead of troubleshooting within their software.


Prior to making the switch to Qualia, Jon Hankin and his business partner, Ken Pack Jr., experienced significant frustrations with their previous software. Their prior software had a complicated interface and required expensive updates. For example, it was a major challenge to set up workflows and a task system. The interface was difficult to navigate and it was challenging to create and assign tasks.

In addition to the usability challenges, Jon also shared that it was extremely difficult and expensive to request updates in the software. For example, if Jon wanted to create a new report, he would have to pay a fee to generate it. Not only was the process costly, but it was also time-consuming and could take months to be completed.

With our previous software, if you requested an update, you’d have to pay for it. Once the update was ready, the software company would share the update with other companies in your area for free. Essentially, you’d either pay up for what you wanted or wait around until someone else did.

Jon Hankin, Partner and Attorney at Hankin & Pack


Jon and Ken viewed a Qualia demo and knew that the Qualia Platform was the right software solution for their team. With a user-friendly interface and sophisticated reporting, the Hankin & Pack team knew that Qualia would help their team to maximize efficiency and make informed decisions.

With Qualia, we can do more closings with fewer people. It’s easier to track and monitor workloads to ensure we are using our resources wisely.

Jon Hankin, Partner and Attorney at Hankin & Pack


The day Jon received access to his Qualia account, he immediately set up workflows for his team. Jon recalled, “We spent over a year and a half trying to set up our workflows in our previous software and it still wasn’t working for us. With Qualia, I was able to set up our entire task system in a few hours.” From there, he was able to easily assign tasks to his team members who were proficient with closing files on Qualia’s system that same month.


As a Qualia user, Jon also has access to hundreds of reports within the platform. If Jon wants to create a specific report, he can easily create customized reports without leaving the Qualia Platform. Qualia’s reporting functionality is included for all users and enables Hankin & Pack to make informed business decisions. For example, during the recent refinance boom, Jon and Ken analyzed their Qualia reports to determine the best strategy to manage the increased volume with their existing resources.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to throw bodies at a problem, but if you have the right reporting, you can easily identify how you can shift to support the volume.

Jon Hankin, Partner and Attorney at Hankin & Pack


Since the Hankin & Pack team made the switch to Qualia, they have been able to painlessly manage 2,000 files a month. With Qualia’s intuitive workflows and advanced reporting, Jon and his team have been able to work efficiently and effectively to serve their clients.

Qualia is constantly evolving and other software companies aren’t doing that. We felt like Qualia heard us and wanted to make the software work for us, and that was huge for our team.

Jon Hankin, Partner and Attorney at Hankin & Pack

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