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How Butler & College Saves 60 Minutes Per File with Qualia

Company Name Butler and College, LLC
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ South Carolina
Products Core

Butler & College is a real estate law firm in South Carolina with a high volume of transactions. South Carolina requires an attorney to be involved in each transaction, and Butler & College typically arranges that through their title company to ensure they are legit and someone they trust.

Laura Jordan describes the closing process at Butler & College as a ‘baton relay’. Business generated from their agents is passed from title, to pre-closing to closing and finally post-closing. Closers like Jordan have 6-8 closings per day, and working in Qualia helps her quickly click through to send her emails instead of typing the same email over and over. Jordan says she saves 30 minutes per file by using email templates from Qualia, and another 30 minutes on each file by using in-platform shipping labels, QR codes for scanning, and printing envelopes.

Jordan says she was initially opposed to implementing Qualia, preferring her old-school approach that she’s been using for 30+ years in the business. But she’s so glad they made the move, because it has helped her more than she could have ever expected.

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I have our email templates set to pull in time, location, and names of the person it is going to – it is personal without all of the pecking on the keyboard. The agents love it because it is a recap for the client that they don’t have to take the extra time to do.
Laura Jordan Closer, Butler & College Law Firm

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