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Biometric Data Policy

Last Modified: October 6, 2023

As described in the Qualia Privacy Policy, Qualia collects a variety of information. Some of the information collected is solely on behalf of or for the benefit of Qualia customers, who are the professionals helping individuals with a real estate transaction. Examples of Qualia customers include title insurance agents, escrow officers, and settlement agents. Many of Qualia’s customers or the data they process are subject to federal privacy law, such as the Gramm Leach Bliley Act and may be exempt from state privacy laws, including those regarding biometric data.

Qualia may collect biometric identifiers, which are individual pieces of information about you (for example: scans of facial geometry or fingerprints) or biometric information, which is information about you that is based on biometric identifiers and used to identify you. In this policy Qualia uses the term Biometric Data to refer to either or both of these types of data.

Qualia collects Biometric Data solely on behalf of its customers. Qualia customers determine the uses of Biometric Data and the period for which it may be stored or retained.

Qualia does not sell, lease, trade or otherwise profit from Biometric Data.

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