Task & workflow management features that scale your team

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Dynamic Workflows

Task & workflow management features that scale your team

Seamlessly manage your team’s workflows without painstaking set-up and maintenance. Automatically add tasks to a file when certain conditions are met and intelligently assign tasks based on roles and staff availability.

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3-5x more transactions closed by agents a month using Qualia

75% less effort and time spent on closing tasks

100s of customized workflows can be managed & edited

Workflow Automation Made Simple and Easy

Enterprise-grade task & workflow management features that enable large companies to move higher volumes through their systems, and democratize access for small companies looking to compete more effectively.

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Smart Tasks

With “Smart Tasks,” administrators can define the conditions under which each task should be added to a workflow. For example, if you find out there is a Homeowner’s Association involved on the transaction, you can now set up HOA-related tasks to be assigned out automatically.

Assignment Groups

Configure your tasks to be distributed intelligently using a host of task assignment strategies. With the option to assign tasks per role, to individuals, or by distributing them via a team round robin, you can feel confident that each task will be completed by the correct person.

Core Workflows

Access a turnkey dashboard to view and manage workflows from a single place. The dashboard also provides full details on every single workflow your team is using.

Workflow Templates

Administrators can access a comprehensive collection of pre-set workflows to select from based on transaction type and closing state. Templates can be tailored to fit any custom requirements too. These features are designed to reduce the time spent at workflow set-up even further.

Industry-leading security and privacy

We regularly undergo independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s leading auditors to ensure we comply with industry best practices. We also maintain vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2®.

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