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Security has always been a part of Qualia’s DNA. Along with extensive resources committed to product and technology infrastructure security, Qualia fosters a security-first culture among its team and our entire user community.

Our Approach to Security

Exceed Expectations

We believe in going above and beyond minimum technology security standards to keep setting the bar higher.

Internal Culture

We believe a culture of security among the people on our team and in our community is of utmost importance.

External Validations

We demonstrate our commitment to security through stringent standards and third-party certifications.

Operational Security

Qualia's Application Security and Information Security teams work to reinforce and expand Qualia's security-first culture, ensure data security standards, and protect against & respond to security threats.

Securing the Storage & Transmission of your Data

Qualia utilizes certified Tier 3 data centers managed by Amazon Web Services. Qualia’s system uses secure channels to transmit data - offering a high degree of security, privacy, and availability.

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People Training

An important pillar of Qualia’s security-first culture is security awareness. All employees undergo ongoing security training to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and security best practices. This includes courses on phishing awareness, data security, and secure software development.

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Monitoring and Rapid Response

Qualia logs activity and security events to a centralized logging service which is actively monitored for potential threats by our dedicated security team. We treat potential threats with the utmost priority and investigate them immediately. Any active threat is responded to quickly and with a methodical process that includes reporting to customers, regulators, and government bodies.

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Product Security

Steps we take to keep our products secure

Security review by our engineers

Automated security tests

External penetration testing

Encryption in transit and at rest

Security is in our DNA

Before engineers wrote the first line of code at Qualia, they had already thought about security and the necessary architectural design.

Our product development prioritizes security

Every step of the product lifecycle development process from planning to deployment and ongoing maintenance prioritizes security.

We continually strengthen our development procedures

Our engineers are extensively trained in best practices for software development, both during onboarding and continually throughout their employment at Qualia.

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