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Increase efficiency, provide superior customer service, and keep your transactions secure.

What Our Customers Tell Us

2x orders

Close twice the volume of orders per month by leveraging workflow automations and efficiencies

10 days faster

Close orders faster by decreasing the turn time to complete a purchase transaction by 10 days

1 system

Consolidate title production, accounting, and reporting operations into a single, cloud-based system

Simple and Configurable Order Opening & Management

Easy Order Settings Configuration

Intuitive workflow setup and management makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to get up and running quickly, adapt to new market needs, and update processes as needed.

Workflow Automations

Easily build task triggers within workflows to automate many manual tasks, freeing up processor time to focus on more strategic work or to process more orders.

Award-Winning Task Management and Collaboration Software

Manage Shared Tasks With Flexibility

Proactively manage your team’s productivity with flexible task assignment and access the information you need to understand where bottlenecks occur – and be able to intervene when necessary.

Communicate Within Qualia

Utilize in-app collaboration features, such as Chat Channels and Video Calls, to communicate and collaborate efficiently and securely without having to navigate away from Qualia.

Vendor Management

Title Service Order Placement

Order products or services like title search or tax search the moment you open a file, and eliminate manual data entry with information from completed orders automatically added to your file.

Vendor Discovery and Insights

Easily find new vendors in Qualia’s nationwide vendor database, make an informed decision when selecting new vendors based on vendor profiles, and track vendor performance to identify opportunities for automated ordering where you notice purchasing patterns.

Title Commitment and Policy Production

Automatic Data Population

Only enter order information once - ‘Smart Tags’ in Qualia automatically pull key order data into every applicable field on the order and closing documents - saving you time and reducing risk of error.


Out-of-the-box integrations with all major underwriters enables faster rate calculation and automatic rate population on documents and order accounting, ensuring you have the most accurate rate info while saving you time.

Powerful Accounting

Smart Balancing

Feel confident that every order will be properly balanced and proactively identify order balancing issues before it’s too late.

Bank Integrations and Reconciliations

Remain audit-ready without the hassle by staying ahead of your reconciliations with a dedicated Reconciliations Specialist and streamline your month-end activities and save money by utilizing bank integrations to make reconciliations easier.

Manage Your Closings

Communicate and Schedule

Schedule closings in the Calendar module, communicate with buyers / sellers directly within Qualia using pre-populated, templated emails, and manage documents all within the system.


eRecord documents using the secure Simplifile integration.

Security and Compliance


Encrypted security provides safer and more reliable data storage than traditional on-premise software solutions.

Secure Communications and Data Sharing

Fraud and other security risks occur when information leaves the system (e.g., sending emails) - Qualia’s built-in email integrations and communication tools keep client data safely within the system of record and reduces wire fraud.

headshot of Jennifer Mulling, Operations Manager, Global Title

Qualia Core is the full package — it allows us to ease the burden of paperwork and focus on building relationships with our clients.”

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Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title

Key Features

Dynamic Workflows

Our task and workflow management system designed to easily allow companies to manage and evolve their workflows. It includes the ability to create intelligent automatable tasks associated with contacts, transaction types or actions on an order; assign tasks to individuals, roles or groups; and manage multiple workflows at scale.

Task Management

Assignment groups can be configured to automatically assign tasks to employees on a round robin, equal task load, or overall workload basis - making it easier for team leaders to manage their employees task load and intervene when necessary to maximize efficiency.

Rate Management

Easily maintain and retrieve underwriter rates and ensure rates are correctly applied to every order.

In-app Communication

Powerful, in-app chat, chat channels, and video call capabilities give Qualia users a messaging experience directly within Qualia so meaning don’t have to exit the platform to send a message/ask a question, promotes collaboration between users, and keeps data centrally located in Qualia to minimize security risk due to posting / sharing info outside the system.

Title Policy Issuance

Leverage underwriter integrations to auto-populate underwriter requirements and financial information directly to the CPL and Policy with an underwriter policy jacket.

Smart Balancing

A dynamically-updated view of the order accounting tracks charges and fees throughout the order so you can be confident the file is balanced or identify any errors to correct before issuing the policy.

Title Search and Curative Processes

Place title search orders (manually or automatically) through Qualia Marketplace and automatically import the exceptions and requirements into the order. Batch-add any standard title exceptions / requirements, and automate curative tasks and track progress toward fulfilling the requirements via notes on task.


Standard and custom reports provide insights (e.g., Order open / close, Source of business, Orders with critical issues) to manage your business and make data-driven decisions. Receive report packages directly in your inbox.

Closing Coordination and Scheduling

Scheduling tool enables you to coordinate a closing's time and location with all relevant closing parties, and an internal calendar enables you to manage all of your teams' closing across the company.


eRecord documents using the immediate and secure Simplifile integration.

Reconciliations and Bank Integrations

Leverage bank integrations (with most major banks) to streamline and perform three-way reconciliations to stay audit-ready and reduce your risk of fraud. Partner with a Qualia Reconciliation Specialist to support your reconciliation needs.

Aggregate Payments

Consolidate high-volume of payments and bulk / group deposits and wires to aggregate the amount of transactions posting out of a customer’s bank portal down to one / few transactions.

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Why Qualia Core?

Maximize title production and operational efficiency

Complete transactions faster, proactively manage your team’s workload and promote collaboration within Qualia’s all-in-one title workflow, accounting, and reporting software.

Grow your business

Confidently enter new markets by finding vendors quickly and easily configuring the new workflow and processes you need in order to complete transactions.

Deliver superior customer service

Spend less time on title-related tasks and more time delivering accurate documents and a digital closing experience.

Maintain data security and compliance

Protect your data and reduce risk to your business with Qualia’s industry leading security measures.

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