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Customizable Title & Escrow Software

Resware workflow automation is designed for businesses with the vision and resources to build custom solutions.

An Investment in Your Title Production Software




Solutions for Your Business Operations

Direct administration and multi-directional workflows enable companies to efficiently manage the transaction lifecycle.

Title & Escrow Production

Action-based tasks and custom home screens enable users to prioritize activities based on role, product, customer, county, and more.

  • Trigger Other Action Groups
  • Auto-Add Fees or Partners
  • Auto-Order Searches
  • Auto-Start Tasks for Others

Document Management

Document customizations enable users to create, share and manage documents throughout the transaction process.

  • Auto Generate Documents
  • Custom Template Creation
  • Conditional Field Logic
  • Intelligent Document Routing


Automated notifications and file-specific partner and service provider triggers help everyone stay informed.

  • Portal Activities Real-Time in the File
  • Send and Receive Emails and Texts
  • File-Specific Updates via Text
  • Secure Email with NPPI Protocols

Escrow Accounting

A module of trust, escrow accounting, recording fee, and remittance functionality for business insight, along with compliance, audit trails, and reconciliation services.

  • Remittance Process Management
  • Two- and Three-Way Reconciliation
  • Numerous Bank Integrations
  • User Controls for Wire and Ledger Access

Integrated with the underwriters you trust

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Comprehensive Services with Industry-backed Experience

Get onboarding support to help your users configure the Resware on-premises deployments and drive productivity gains once you go-live.

Dedicated Account Managers

Learn from our team about the latest product features, integrations, best practices, and more to help grow your business.

On-Going Live Support

Our customer-designated administrators help with the simplest to the most complex custom configuration questions.

Support Portal

The portal provides exclusive access to a Resware knowledge base, training resources, support forums and support requests.

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