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Qualia RON: Remote Online Notarization, Reimagined

Save time and offer your clients a stress-free remote closing with Qualia RON, the only remote online notarization solution integrated into your title production software.

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All-in-One Remote Online Notarization Solution

See the difference. Qualia RON is built into your title software, giving your in-house notaries complete control of your clients’ remote closing experience.

Massive Time Savings Time Savings Simplify the Closing Simplify the Closing Document Manangement Management Intuitive Workflows Intuitive Workflows Massive Time Savings Simplify the Home Closing Process Document Management Intuitive Notary & Signer Workflows

Offer Your Clients a Faster, More Flexible Closing Experience

Reduce closing time from hours to minutes. Unlike other standalone solutions, scheduling, document management, and messaging are all built-in to Qualia RON, saving your in-house notaries from switching between platforms and rekeying information.

Built-in scheduling & messaging
Automated document preparation
Eliminate duplicate work between platforms
Modern, flexible closing
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Keep Everyone in One Easy to Use Platform

Offer your clients the ability to close from anywhere, guided by their same trusted point of contact they’ve known from the start.

Homebuyers and sellers also don’t have to learn a new tech solution and create a new password at the closing.

Integrated RON solution
Your in-house notaries lead the RON transaction
Consistent brand representation from start to close
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Automatic Management and Storage

Eliminate the hassle of exporting, downloading, printing, uploading, tagging, and emailing documents for multiple software systems.

Recorded videos are automatically stored in Qualia and notarized documents are immediately available for clients to review and download.

Signature Line Templating
Electronic Notary Journal
Digital Document Packaging
Long Term Document Storage
Long Term Recording Storage
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Empower Your Notaries with the Tools Needed for Excellent Closing Experiences

Expertly guide clients from identity verification to signing with constant audio-visual connection and on-screen prompts.

Your notaries are also able to check the client’s network connectivity and watch the client’s mouse during signing, making Qualia RON accessible for clients at any comfort level of technology.

Clients can close from computer, tablet, or phone
On-screen prompts for notaries and signers
Auto-filling notary blocks
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Flagship Title Uses Qualia RON to Make Digital Closings Efficient and Simple

With Qualia RON, Flagship Title is able to upload documents, schedule the closing, and be ready to go in 5 minutes, all within the same platform.

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Learn the Basics of RON

Interested in RON but don’t know where to start? Download our free eGuide to learn how to coordinate with mortgage lenders, underwriters, and county recorders on a remote transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Online Notarization (RON)

How is a RON transaction different from other types of remote closing transactions?
A RON transaction is completely digital and conducted online using audio-visual technology. The transaction is also paperless and documents are signed electronically. The notary uses tools built directly into the RON platform to remotely verify the identity of the signer and perform the notarial ceremony. The notary applies an electronic notarial certificate and the RON platform will tamper seal the digital documents.
What criteria must be met for my business to perform a RON transaction?

The notaries at your company will need to be authorized for RON per state guidelines. This is usually determined by the Secretary of State or other Notary governing entity.

The notary should be a currently licensed traditional Notary Public in the state before applying to use remote online notarization. In some states, you may be able to apply for a notary commission and authorization to perform RON at the same time.

The notary may also need to acquire certain tools necessary to perform RON, including an electronic seal and digital certificate.

Does Qualia RON support lender documents such as mortgages and eNotes?
Qualia RON currently supports notarization for seller documents, cash transactions, and other non-lender documents. eNotes and other lender documents will be supported at a later date.
Can I still use Qualia if I want to find a RON vendor and not use an in-house notary?
If you need to complete a RON transaction immediately or will not be using an in-house notary for RON, you can search for notaries that currently offer RON in Qualia Marketplace. These notaries are authorized to conduct remote online notarization for properties in the state in which they are commissioned.

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Industry-leading security and privacy

We regularly undergo independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s leading auditors to ensure we comply with industry best practices. We also maintain vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2.

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