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Qualia University Training

Qualia University

Flexible, Self-Paced Training

Learn and master every step of the closing on Qualia’s platform with Qualia University, our online training program.

Accelerate Your Training

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Watch Trainings at work, home, or on your mobile devices

Review Courses whenever you need with unlimited access to training videos

Advertise to current and potential clients with Qualia Certifications

The Most Advanced Way to Streamline Training

A modern training program with self-paced training videos, professional certifications, and quizzes to test essential knowledge.

Flexible Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Professional Certifications Certifications Self-Paced Courses Self-Paced Courses Test Your Skills Test Your Skills Flexible Lesson Plans Professional Certifications Record Keeping Test Your Skills

Qualia University’s video training is organized by modules dedicated to different areas of Qualia’s platform. Focus on the courses that are most relevant to you and your role so you can be productive from day one.

Market yourself to current and prospective clients by displaying your professional certifications on LinkedIn. Complete courses in Qualia University to earn your certifications and become a Qualia Certified User or Qualia Certified Expert.

Gain back valuable time in your day by completing training at the pace most convenient for you. Watch videos at 2x speed and review content at any time you need.

Leave your training confident in your skills with Qualia’s platform. Qualia University’s quizzes are designed by onboarding specialists to ensure you have the essential knowledge for you and your team to succeed.

“The web-based convenience of Qualia and Qualia University means we can hop on to Qualia and train from anywhere, which is fantastic.”

Marivel Fortenberry, Chief Compliance Officer/Director of Human Resources and Administration at Patten Title

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