Offer an On-brand Closing Experience

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Qualia API

Offer an On-brand Closing Experience

Provide a simple, intuitive experience for consumers, real estate agents, and lenders to track every step of the real estate transaction, all the way through closing.

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500,000+ industry professionals use Qualia

75% less effort and time spent on closing tasks

1 million real estate transactions a year are powered by Qualia

Modern Developer-centric API

Quickly build your closing experience around a modern GraphQL based API that lets users interface with all aspects of the closing by enabling them to access order data, update order state, send messages, and more.

Access API functionality using graphQL

query MyOrderQuery($myID: ID!) {
  order(_id: $myID) {
    order {
      parties {
        borrowers {

Retrieve responses in industry-standard JSON

  "data": {
    "order": {
      "_id": "bK8bg5tajNkDpDk25",
      "order_number": "100-3",
      "parties": {
        "borrowers": [{
          "last_name": "Smith",

One API, All Closing Parties

Offer a one-stop shop closing experience to homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders by integrating the Qualia API into your branded platforms and mobile apps.

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Unify Your Business

Unify your real estate brokerage, mortgage company, and title & escrow operations by integrating the Qualia API into your platforms and apps.

Home buyers and sellers can now benefit from:
Unified home search and title & escrow processes
Easily tracking the status of their closings with real-time updates
In-app messaging and document-sharing
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A Turnkey Backend Infrastructure

Use the API to deploy a backend infrastructure that will connect and automate each part of your closing operations. Use it in your consumer-facing apps to give homebuyers and sellers an automated high-touch closing experience all the way through closing day.

iBuyer clients can now benefit from:
Tracking the status of their dream home from search-to-close
Accessing forms, reviewing information, and completing closing tasks on the web or through your mobile app
Moving into their new home quicker
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Guide Your Clients Through Closing

Bring the closing process to your branded web and mobile apps. Start and complete the closing process faster by providing electronic ordering, real-time updates, and secure messaging & sharing.

Broker partners can now benefit from:
Electronic order placement
Real-time tracking
Integrated in-app messaging and document-sharing
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Attract More Business

Attract more business by offering your real estate agent and lending partners an on-brand closing experience they can also effortlessly deliver to their clients. Give your clients a push-button order experience and automate your updates to eliminate the hours spent on weekly status update emails.

Title & escrow partners can now benefit from:
Offering an on-brand closing experience
Speeding up information collection and automating updates sent to partners
Providing a seamless closing experience expected by modern clients
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One API, Many Benefits

The Qualia API integrates into your front-end web & mobile interfaces to provide an on-brand experience for your users.

Seamless Closing Experiences

Provide your users with updates throughout the entire closing and help them complete all necessary steps.

Streamlined Communication

Securely share data, messages, and documents between real estate agents, lenders, title & escrow and consumers.

Earn More Business

Increase business by providing an elevated, on-brand experience to buyers, sellers, real estate agents and lenders.

Industry-leading security and privacy

We regularly undergo independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s leading auditors to ensure we comply with industry best practices. We also maintain vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2.

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