Offer an On-brand Closing Experience

Closing Party


One API, Many Applications

Leverage the Qualia API to build executive-level reporting as well as connect Qualia to your accounting, CRM, and other in-house systems.

Control the Closing Experience by Leveraging the Qualia API to Incorporate Title Services Into Your Offering

Get Executive-Level Analytics and Reporting

Build Sophisticated Business Reporting and Generate Insights

Access your comprehensive order-level data from Qualia to build custom, executive-level dashboards that track business performance across your settlement agency.

Power Captive Title Operations and Integrate with Existing Systems

Operate as One Unit

Use Qualia to power your in-house title agency and leverage the Qualia API to automate orders from your software applications to Qualia. Enable your agents and clients to stay in their own application(s) while placing title orders, exchanging messages and documents, and receiving status updates in your own branded interface Learn More

Integrate Qualia With Business Systems You Already Use

Unlock The Power Of Your Collective Data

Integrate with your accounting (e.g. Netsuite) or CRM (e.g. SugarCRM) systems to enable your sales, marketing, or accounting teams to access Qualia in their own systems, saving them time and empowering them with more insights.

Optimize Your Title Operation with Data

Executive-Level Analytics & Reporting

Create executive-level reporting to track performance, productivity, and revenue to monitor the performance of your captive title agency

Connect Multiple Owned or Partner Title Agencies

Centralize Your Data

Create a data warehouse by using the API to connect the title production systems of all the settlement agencies within your portfolio of companies, regardless of the software platform.


Authorized Capabilities

The Qualia API is organized by capability gates, which provide access to calls around an objective. Capability gates allows companies to evaluate which objectives are necessary to meet business goals.

Authorized Organizations

Granular controls to grant (or revoke) API access to owned or partner organizations to retrieve data on behalf of the end consumer.


Users are authenticated via a basic HTTP authentication framework to identify the organization calling Qualia and keep our customers’ data secure.


The Qualia API uses a GraphQL interface with a JSON structure. This allows us to create standards for data models, metering, error handling, and documentation.


We enforce policies in the backend around rate limits to maintain system uptime, stability, and accessibility.

Build With a
Developer-Centric API

The Qualia API makes it easy for your developers to securely access your data from Qualia as well as build integrations with other in-house systems and commercial partners.

Query and Fetch Data Easily With Our GraphQL API

The Qualia API is a read-write API that enables users to place title orders (to internal or third-party systems), send and receive messages and documents, as well as pull data for custom reporting.

One Unified API to Integrate With Your Title Production System

The Qualia API is built so developers will only need to integrate once with our platform, can easily maintain one integration over time, and will only need to purchase the capabilities to meet your business objectives.

Operate with the Highest Level of Security

The Qualia platform is designed to exceed the most stringent security requirements. Qualia maintains industry-leading security certifications, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, and is ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3 compliant.

headshot of Jennifer Mulling, Operations Manager, Global Title

“We think about Qualia as an extension of the Redfin ecosystem and that’s not possible without the Qualia API. With the Qualia API, Qualia is the best-in-class, outsourced portion of our workflow...we don’t have to spend tens of millions of dollars in R&D to build out and benefit from Qualia’s title & escrow expertise.”

Mary Pappas, Principal Product Manager, Redfin

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