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Press Releases Qualia Announces new ‘Physical Document Service’ for Mortgage Industry


Helping Lenders Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency by Fully Automating Post-Closing Document Processing

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Nov. 12, 2020Qualia, the leading digital real estate closing platform, today announced the launch of its new Physical Document Service at the company’s fall session of its Future of Real Estate Series (FORES). With the launch of Qualia’s Physical Document Service, mortgage lenders can now automate the management of paper trailing documents from title partners through Qualia. Qualia then fully manages the collection, sorting, and quality assurance of physical trailing documents and ensures an on-time shipment and delivery to investors. This service solution is part of Qualia's suite of tools that enable mortgage lenders to create automated processes that work in tandem with title & escrow companies for greater efficiency and reduced costs.

With the arrival of Physical Document Service, lenders can reduce inefficient back-and-forths, fluctuating costs, late fees, and compliance penalties. The improved speed and accuracy of trailing document processing, a crucial post-closing step, also strengthens partner relations by ensuring that auditors and investors will be impressed with the pace and quality of work from their mortgage lending partner.

“This year loan volumes have increased by more than 200 percent across the United States,” said Qualia Co-founder and CTO Joel Gottsegen. “This dramatic increase in volume has taken a toll on lenders, who must adapt to keep up with the surge in refinances. While digital transformation has empowered lenders to dedicate their time where it’s needed most, the Physical Document Service guarantees a fully-automated process for lenders and much needed operational efficiency.”

Earlier this year, Qualia launched Qualia Post, a post-closing solution for mortgage lenders. Qualia Post integrates with the lender’s Loan Origination System (LOS) to automate the retrieval of closing and post-closing documents from title companies. That solution, coupled with Physical Document Service, provides lenders with a more digital and scalable solution for the post-closing process.

To learn more about Qualia’s innovative mortgage industry service solutions, please visit our blog.

About Qualia

Qualia is a digital real estate closing technology company that provides the infrastructure to streamline the home closing experience. The company offers a suite of products that brings together homebuyers and sellers, lenders, title & escrow agents and real estate agents onto one secure shared platform. Qualia was founded in 2015 by Forbes 30 Under 30 Award recipients Nate Baker, Joel Gottsegen and Lucas Hansen. Since launching, the company has been named an ALTA Elite Provider, grown to over 300 employees, and recognized with the Great Place to Work Certification. The company is a leader in industry security and was the first technology company to join the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Qualia is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has offices in Austin, TX. For more information on Qualia, visit

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