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Avoid tolerance concerns with highly accurate estimates directly integrated into your loan origination system. 

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Pull Fee Quotes With

Rely on the Most Accurate Quotes

Title companies keep their rates current directly in Qualia, so lenders always get the latest and most accurate fee quotes pulled directly from their system.

Stay in Your System with LOS Integration

Gain transparency and control over the closing process by integrating the settlement ecosystem directly into your LOS.

Gain Expansive Nationwide Coverage

Because title companies rely on Qualia for a wide range of transaction and property types all across the country, lenders can access expansive coverage for taxes and fees in counties across the U.S.

Instant and Precise Quotes, Guaranteed 

Qualia will reimburse clients for losses sustained by reason of tolerance violations arising in the event the recording fees and taxes exceed our quote.


Stay Up to Date
With the Most
Accurate Title Fees

Reliable and Up-to-Date Title Fees

Qualia Fee Quoting enables lenders to quickly obtain highly accurate estimates for title insurance premiums, closing costs, transfer taxes, and recording fees. 

Because title & escrow companies regularly keep their quotes up-to-date within the Qualia platform in their own business processes, Qualia is uniquely able to provide more accurate fee estimates by pulling the fees directly from the title companies’ system of record. 

Manage Complexity
and Reduce Discrepancies,

Expansive Coverage for Taxes and Fees Across the U.S

With one of the largest network of title companies, Qualia uses a robust set of secondary questions and parameters to ensure accuracy for a broad range of transaction and property types. 

And with our quote guarantee, lenders can be assured they will be reimbursed for tolerance violations if recording fees and taxes exceed our quote. 

Pull Accurate
Quotes With Ease

Improve Efficiency Without
Leaving Your LOS

Track pricing trends across all vendors to avoid missing out on cost savings. Uncover the highest performer in a specific county or state.

Choose your title provider from a list of options, answer a few questions, and in seconds, you get highly accurate fees directly populated into the fee section of your LOS. 

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“Qualia Fee Quoting has made the loan process so much more efficient for us. With the breadth of title companies using Qualia, we can easily pull quotes from multiple sources directly into our LOS. And their customer service is outstanding, going above and beyond to provide any support we require”

Trevor Tochterman, Mortgage & Title Technology Manager, Homeward Mortgage

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