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How Terrain Title & Escrow Cut Turnaround Time by 75%

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Company Name Terrain Title & Escrow Company
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Maryland
Products Core,Marketplace

Terrain Title & Escrow Company has always sought to raise the bar in the real estate industry by treating all partners and clients as though they are the most important.

David Miller
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We can handle a lot more volume because Qualia eliminates the need for every employee to do everything from scratch. This makes their jobs less technical and demanding, and helps us be more customer service driven.
David Miller Principal at Terrain Title & Escrow Company


In 2009, David Miller, founder of Terrain Title & Escrow Company, was named the Settlement Officer of the Year by the Home Builders Association of Maryland. This is a well-deserved title for someone who leads an innovative title firm blending classic work ethic with modern technology and providing world-class, exemplary service. As with most companies though, Terrain Title & Escrow Company had their fair share of challenges, specifically with their settlement software.

They were struggling with their settlement software and faced daily disruptions to their workflow. They consistently lost time with back-and-forth emails and on phone calls with vendors to get basic information; the time it took employees to locate information pertaining to files was adding up fast. Also, since their software wasn't web-based, they needed manual, sporatic software updates, during which forms would often go missing, impacting employee workflows and taking significant time to relocate.


After switching to Qualia, David was impressed with the quick results, specifically when it came to the Qualia Marketplace:

  • Turnaround time:

    cut turnaround time by 75% thanks to the Qualia Marketplace - services that used to be a 12-day process are now less than a 3-day process.

  • Employee efficiency:

    placing orders through the Marketplace now only takes 2 clicks, rather than taking employees days of going back-and-forth on emails and phone calls.

  • Price Transparency:

    an immeasurable amount of time saved by their employees by having full price transparency in the Qualia Marketplace - no need to make calls or dig for price info.

  • ROI:

    saving on average, per purchase $30-$40 per file; per refinance $50 per file.

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The next wave of homebuyers will be looking for fantastic customer service and we want to make sure we’re staying on the cutting edge of settlement technology to meet their expectations.
David E. Miller Principal at Terrain Title & Escrow Company

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