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How Qualia Onboarded RESE 6x Faster than Other Solutions

Company Name Real Estate Settlements & Escrow
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Maryland
Products Core

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We do basically every type of transaction there is and use every function of our settlement system. Taking on our firm was a huge endeavor and the Qualia team made it easy to manage all our requests.
Moe Kazin CEO of RESE

Identifying the Need to Switch

Since its founding in 2003, Real Estate Settlements & Escrow, LLC (RESE) has grown to become one of the nation’s largest title companies. With exceptional customer service core to the company’s mission, CEO Moe Kazin is always looking for ways to better serve their clients. So when the title and settlement software they used for 14 years started causing inefficiencies following TRID, including software glitches and slow customer support, Kazin knew they had to make a change.

“It pretty much can’t get worse than slow support response time in our industry. I have lenders, realtors, and everyone else relying on accurate and timely information. Our software issues weren’t just a matter of frustration and our staff pulling out their hair, but we were actually losing money and working overtime to resolve them,” Kazin said.

In order to maintain their competitive advantage, Kazin made the decision to switch software platforms. While there are initial costs and a transition period with any new software, he recognized that the long-term benefits of increased reliability and efficiency far outweighed any upfront investment.

Industry’s Best Response Time

Qualia’s Onboarding Program leverages dedicated onboarding specialists and the system’s intuitive design to make the transition as easy and efficient as possible.

On the RESE onboarding, Kay Underwood, Owner of Title Insurance Consulting Services said, “I’ve assisted dozens of companies with a software transition and I can tell you that Qualia’s response time and support is the best in the industry hands down. Beyond that, their team goes above and beyond to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

The bottom line is Qualia is incredibly responsive. In one word, I would describe the customer service as phenomenal.

Jeffrey E. Margolies, Esq. of RESE

To ensure a successful transition, RESE was assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist, Qualia’s Rob Zambito. The onboarding specialist is responsible for training, configuring, and coordinating with everyone involved in the implementation.

Zambito responded to the team’s support requests within minutes day and night. In the case of custom feature requests, he served as the project coordinator and worked with Qualia’s engineers and RESE management to set timelines, provide weekly status updates, and ensure a successful and efficient result.

A Seamless Transition

RESE successfully transitioned to Qualia on time and with no loss in operating hours. When it was time to train the staff, each employee was able to be trained on how to use Qualia before their lunch due to department-specific training sessions and the system’s intuitive design.

Kazin is already feeling the benefits of a secure, cloud-based system. “We get a lot of storms here and I used to have a heart attack every time one happened because the server would go down and we wouldn’t be able to access our work. Less than two weeks after we rolled out Qualia, we had a snow storm and the staff was able to work from home with no issues or delays. Now that we are on the cloud, we can go anywhere with our laptops and do the work that needs to get done,” Kazin said.

A Bright Future

Looking ahead, Kazin anticipates that Qualia’s value will only continue to grow.

I believe in the integrity and vision of Qualia. As the system continues to offer more and more time-saving features and seamless integrations, we will be even more streamlined.

Moe Kazin, CEO of RESE

On his final note on the Qualia Onboarding Program, Kazin said “I was waiting to recommend Qualia until we started working within the system and more closely with the Onboarding and Account Management teams. Now that we have gone through the transition, I am recommending Qualia to everyone I know.”

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