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How Qualia Helped Sign X Expand from 5 to 45 States

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Company Name Sign X
Company Type Other
HQ Arizona
Products Marketplace

Sign X is a notary signing agent service based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since becoming a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace, the Sign X team was able to expand from doing business in 5 states to 45 states in less than a year.

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It's critical for a business to not sacrifice quality service for the sake of growth. With Qualia, we have been able to do both.
Chuck Haney CEO of Sign X


Sign X is a notary signing agent service based in Phoenix, Arizona. Chuck Haney, president and CEO of Sign X, is a commissioned notary public in the state of Arizona as well as a National Notary Association Certified National Signing Agent. Haney founded Sign X because he believes in demystifying the closing process and making notaries easily accessible for real estate transactions.


The Sign X team experienced immense success in Arizona, as well as in 5 other states of operation. Haney and his team were looking to expand their business and build connections with new clients. Haney wanted to identify a way to market his business and increase the pool of potential clients, while maintaining a high level of customer service.

We always strive for excellence. The mark of a great company is how they deal with challenges as they arise, since they always do. We will go the extra step to make sure we take care of our clients and their clients to make things happen and get them what they need to have a successful transaction and relationship with their borrower, buyer or seller.

Chuck Haney, CEO of Sign X


Haney discovered the Qualia Marketplace through a connection on LinkedIn. He instantly requested a demo and knew that the Marketplace would help him to grow his business. Sign X became a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace in August of 2019. Their dedicated Vendor Partnership Manager at Qualia provided a smooth onboarding experience for the Sign X team. Within a matter of days, the Sign X team was accepting and completing orders in new states across the country.

It started with a phone call with Chuck just explaining the product and how the Marketplace works.Once we approved their application, we created their account and sent them a test order. We were able to quickly get them live in the Marketplace.

Taylor Petree, Vendor Partnership Manager at Qualia


Prior to becoming a vendor in the Marketplace, Sign X was doing business in only 5 states. After becoming a Marketplace vendor, they were able to grow their business across 45 states. Through the Marketplace search tool, new and current customers can easily find and select Sign X to order a notary signing agent for a closing. As a Marketplace Vendor, Sign X has been able to expand their business to new areas and customers, allowing Sign X to make connections with clients that they wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Throughout Sign X’s expansion, high quality customer service has remained top-of-mind. Because of the tools available in the Marketplace, such as order intake, payments, fulfillment, tracking, and satisfaction surveys, the Sign X team was able to easily gauge their performance. Haney specifically shared the benefit of the survey the client fills out following the service as a key performance indicator. Feedback from clients has helped Sign X to perform at their prime and ensure that they have exceeded client expectations. Through the widened pool of clients available in the Qualia Marketplace, partnered with the Sign X team’s commitment to customer service, the Sign X team was able to grow their monthly order completion since going live by 400% in March of 2020.

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