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How Qualia Connect Makes Commercial Closings Simple

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Company Name Omni Title
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Ohio
Products Core,Connect

Omni Title is based in Ohio and conducts real estate transactions throughout the state. Specializing in commercial real estate, Omni Title has been able to simplify the closing process with Qualia Connect.

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My team and I thought that Qualia was by far the most user-friendly, intuitive product on the market. It just made sense.
Mike Sikora President of Omni Title

About Omni Title

Omni Title is a commercially-focused real estate title agency with offices in both Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Handling transactions across the state of Ohio, their primary clients include commercial real estate developers and owners. Their mission is to provide high caliber title and closing services for their clients. Their mission is to magnify their subject matter expertise through their genuine care and concern for the well-being of their clients.


Prior to becoming a Qualia customer, Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title, shared that his team experienced significant challenges with their previous software. Their previous software was one of the most popular title and closing software programs throughout the country, yet the team had expressed frustrations because their former software was clunky, inefficient, and cumbersome. From the ability to hyperlink a title commitment, one of the most important parts of a commercial real estate transaction, to communicating with clients, Mike stated that it required more time and energy than it should have to use that software to close these transactions.


After viewing a Qualia demo, Mike and his team knew that Qualia was the right choice for their business. After familiarizing themselves with the platform, they made the decision to add on Qualia Connect. Connect simplified the process for commercial transactions because it was easy to use, came with the support of an account director, and made communication with the parties of the transaction simple and organized.

My team and I thought that Qualia was by far the most user-friendly, intuitive product on the market. It just made sense.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title

Easy to Use Platform

With its progressive business approach, Mike knew that the user-friendly nature of Connect would empower not only his team but also their commercial clients to be successful. For commercial transaction clients, the set up for Connect is simple and only takes a few minutes. Clients can access their Connect account from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for them to stay updated on their deal.

The main difference between Qualia Connect and our previous software is that Connect is an intuitive, modern program. Our previous software was clunky and required many more steps to accomplish the same tasks.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title

Dedicated Account Director

When the Omni Title team purchased Connect, they were onboarded by their dedicated Account Director, Shannel Keller. Mike shared that Shannel has worked alongside his team as they have learned the platform and that Shannel has made it a priority to help his team be successful. Mike and his team have called upon Shannel and the Qualia Customer Success Team as resources whenever a client or a member of the Omni Title team has a question about how to accomplish a task in Qualia.

Shannel really understands the user needs of a title agency and understands what matters to our clients and why things matter to them as well.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title

Clear Communication

Omni Title’s primary differentiators are its subject matter expertise and genuine care and concern for their clients at all times. Providing that kind of experience requires ensuring that clients feel informed and involved in the closing process. Connect makes this possible through Intro Letters, Information Requests, and the Messenger tool.

There is a lot of time involved in facilitating communications in a transaction. Qualia Connect automates those features and allows the parties in the transaction to be systematically engaged.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title

Mike and his team customized Intro Letters that are automatically sent to clients when their file is first opened in Qualia. This provides their clients with important information about their transaction and what they should expect. Information Requests are also automated to be sent to clients when an order is opened. Mike’s team is able to save a considerable amount of time because clients’ answers from the Information Requests are automatically populated into the order within Qualia. The Messenger tool ensures that communication between all parties occurs seamlessly. With messages organized within each file, commercial clients with multiple pending transactions are easily able to view updates for each of their deals.

Our clients really get to participate in the deal process. They are able to look at the Connect app on their phone or on their computer and are more aligned with us because they are able to see what is happening on each of their transactions at any time.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title


With Connect, one particular step alone that would have taken the team 2 hours in their previous software has been condensed to 30 minutes, a 75% reduction in effort. With the time saved, the team is able to increase their focus on their commercial clients and ensure that they are providing the best possible customer experience. Because of this, commercial transactions are simple and more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Every team member has times when they have a lot to do in a limited time frame. Qualia Connect makes it simpler to complete each task so our team can focus on providing a higher overall level of customer service.

Mike Sikora, President of Omni Title

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