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How NobleServe Harnessed Automation to Process 12,000+ Orders

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Company Name NobleServe
Company Type Other
HQ Pennsylvania
Products Marketplace

NobleServe has been a Qualia Marketplace vendor since 2017 and provides end-to-end services to title insurance customers across the United States. NobleServe’s mission is to provide technology-enabled, highly accurate services at a scalable level by minimizing manual labor through automation. NobleServe has taken their accuracy to the next level with a next generation, OCR-based platform. This shift enables high accuracy, easy ordering, quick turn around time, and an overall positive experience.

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Being integrated into Qualia helps us meet our customers within the software they’re already using, and this builds a stronger relationship.
Jithosh VK CEO and Founder of NobleServe


NobleServe was founded in 2017 by Jithosh VK with the mission to use technology to increase scalability with accuracy in title production. With the combination of technology resources and title insurance domain-specific knowledge, Jithosh and his team have been able to use OCR-based digital extraction techniques to decipher documents such as handwritten notes, scanned copies, PDFs, and JPEGs.


NobleServe has a large and growing customer base. Their goal was to make ordering even easier for their customers by reducing the number of steps a customer needed to take to submit an order and provide an accurate, integrated experience.


When NobleServe became a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace, their customers were able to easily order title search reports, commitment typing, tax search reports, and release tracking directly through Qualia. NobleServe was able to receive the order directly into their digital platform, CloseVille, and process the details seamlessly. Moreover, NobleServe’s platform, CloseVille, was able to create automated commitment typing, etc. from its platform, and send the data back, mitigating manual data entry significantly.

Additionally, NobleServe created a seamless status communication between Qualia and CloseVille, NobleServe’s automated OCR platform. All information could now be communicated directly through the Marketplace, and all communication and documentation for a given order were organized in each file, further easing workloads. This allowed the NobleServe team to increase the speed in which they completed orders for their customers while ensuring accuracy. The team was able to strengthen relationships with their customers because of the high-quality level of service that was provided. As a result of this, in the last 9 months alone, NobleServe has expanded its order base to 12,000+ orders in Qualia Marketplace.

Because of minimization of manual intervention due to direct connectivity of Qualia platform with our automated platform CloseVille and its NexGen OCR, NobleServe was able to maintain almost 100% accuracy at a scalable level for our deliveries.

Sam Wadhwa, Chief Revenue Officer, NobleServe Systems


Since 2017, NobleServe has increased its exposure to new customers and strengthened relationships with current customers. Additionally, through the Marketplace, NobleServe has been able to bring its unique technology platform to many qualified, tech-savvy customers resulting in greater customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

First of all, Qualia Platform users are tech-savvy, and they value the innovation that we strive to bring to the table. Secondly, being a part of the Qualia Marketplace allows us to easily integrate into our customers’ workflows. As an end-to-end technology-enabled service provider in title insurance, it is important to be an integral part of our client’s workflow to create a sustainable differentiator.

Jithosh VK, CEO and Founder of NobleServe Systems

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