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How Legacy National Strategizes for Long-Term Success

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Company Name Legacy National Title Corporation
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ New York
Products Core

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When you change your software, you do it because you want to grow your business. When we made the switch to Qualia, we asked ourselves, "What are our pain points? How will Qualia help us?" rather than thinking, "We used to do it this way, how will we do that again in Qualia?" We made a culture change and that has really helped our team.
Jade Angelo Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy National Corporation

About Legacy National Corporation

Legacy National Corporation is based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and provides real estate title and settlement services. With offices located in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, the Legacy National Corporation team makes it their mission to provide smooth and secure closings for their clients.

At the beginning of 2020, Legacy National Corporation decided to make the switch to Qualia. After experiencing inefficiencies and a lack of underwriter integrations with their previous software, they knew that it was time to make a change. Jade Angelo, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy National Corporation, shared her perspective of the transition to Qualia and how her team benefited from shifting their thinking when switching software providers.


One of the key differentiators that set Qualia apart from other closing software platforms is its modernized, streamlined user experience. Qualia serves as a system record and eliminates the need to rekey data and navigate multiple point solutions to access underwriter portals. This provides teams with the ability to make massive efficiency gains, but it also means that teams must be trained to utilize the platform to the fullest extent.

The Legacy National Team knew when they made the choice to switch that they needed to change their thinking as well. Rather than replicating their actions in their previous software, and thus their pain points, the team knew that they needed to become master users to experience all of the benefits that Qualia has to offer.

Solution: Supportive Onboarding and Beyond

Qualia’s Onboarding team and Customer Support team are integral to helping new users become acclimated to the platform. The Onboarding team works closely with new users at the beginning of their company’s journey with Qualia to help them learn the Platform, and the Support Team is available to assist users moving forward, free of charge.

Through the expertise of a dedicated onboarding specialist, the Legacy National Corporation team was able to make a painless transition to the Qualia Platform. Kevin Kaplan, the Onboarding Specialist at Qualia for Legacy National Corporation, worked closely with Jade Angelo and her team each week to lead them in learning each part of the Platform. This allowed for the Legacy National Corporation team to develop a deep understanding of the Platform and how to use each of the integrations to maximize efficiency.

Qualia’s Customer Support team is fully trained not only on the Qualia Platform, but also in the title and escrow industry. This team provides ongoing support as needed and is also available for 30-minute training sessions on topics ranging from a deep-dive into a specific section of the platform or to support newly hired employees of a company that uses Qualia. This service is also free of charge for Qualia users.

The Customer Support team could not have been any more helpful. It’s the first time we’ve called a company with a support team that is knowledgeable in our industry.

Jade Angelo, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy National Corporation


After completing the onboarding process, the Legacy National Corporation team is not only confident in their ability to use the platform to its fullest potential, but they are also fully prepared to share that knowledge with new employees. As the Legacy National Corporation continues to grow, they can continue to take advantage of the Support team to train new employees or fine-tune their own knowledge of the Qualia Platform.

Looking at the scalability and the ability to grow our business, we are confident that if we needed to hire new people, we could train them immediately and have them jump right into the workflows in Qualia.

Jade Angelo, Chief Marketing Officer of Legacy National Corporation

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