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First Time Homebuyer Turned Qualia Business Customer

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Company Name Dennison Law & Title, PLLC
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Florida
Products Core,Connect

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My first impression of Qualia was that I felt more comfortable with my title company because of the sophisticated interface that Qualia Connect provides. Ultimately what brought me back to Qualia was that my business revolves around my clients feeling comfortable with the entire homebuying process and Qualia offers exactly that.
George Dennison Attorney and Founder of Dennison Law & Title, PLLC


Purchasing a home can be one of the most important and potentially stressful investments a person will make in their lifetime. In the summer of 2018, George Dennison and his wife, Maria, graduated from law school and began looking for their first home. Being first-time homebuyers, they were excited but also apprehensive of what the process would entail. They wanted to be well informed and know that their funds and information were secure.


As avid technology users, it was essential to George and Maria that the title company they worked with for their closing was just as tech-savvy. Security and transparency also were top-of-mind for the Dennisons, and they wanted the title company to share those values. After signing the purchase agreement for the home, the Dennisons received an introductory email from their title company, inviting them to log into Qualia Connect. Within minutes, George and Maria had become Qualia Connect users and were instantly able to upload documents and communicate with their agent and title company through the Connect portal.

I'm 28, and my generation is becoming the new homebuyer market. These new homebuyers are going to love the ease of use and transparency that Qualia Connect offers. I like having an all-inclusive portal like Connect; it's intuitive and feels like something you've done before.

George Dennison, Attorney and Founder of Dennison Law & Title, PLLC

Qualia Connect takes the guesswork out of the homebuying process and provides homebuyers with a sense of security and transparency. George explicitly stated that the Connect portal made uploading documents intuitive and straightforward. The progress tracker informed the Dennisons of exactly where they were in the closing process and what was coming next. Furthermore, Qualia holds an ISO 27001 Certification and follows ALTA Pillar 3 practices, meaning that both the Dennisons’ hard-earned funds and information were kept secure.


Two years after the Dennisons closed on their home, they decided to make updates to their property. They needed to access the survey documents for their home and remembered that they could find them in the Qualia Connect portal. Within seconds, George and Maria were able to access the survey, as well as all of their other closing documents, digitally.

I don't think enough can be said about the buyer having a connection to the process. Qualia Connect helps keep the buyer informed about the legal decision they are making when purchasing a home. How many buyers can say they’ve reviewed their survey or their appraisal? If they want to review it, do they even know where they can go and get it? Qualia Connect takes out all of the questions and creates a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers.

George Dennison, Attorney and Founder of Dennison Law & Title, PLLC

George was so impressed with Qualia Connect and the fact that it was still benefiting him two years after he closed on his home that he decided to purchase Qualia for his law firm, Dennison Law & Title. George shared that he was drawn to Qualia immediately because of the interface and successful experience he had when buying his home. He said, “it was a no brainer - I didn’t look into any software aside from Qualia.” Dennison Law & Title will begin handling closings through the Qualia Platform in September of 2020.

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