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How Flagship Title Tripled Processing Power

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Company Name Flagship Title
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Florida
Products Core,Connect

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I think that the most unique thing about our company is that we are mother and daughter. We’re able to stand together and really offer a great service to our clients with an empowered team of seasoned professionals.
Alberta Party Bland Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title


Mother-daughter duo Alberta Party Bland and Kristen Horne operate Flagship Title in Tampa, Florida. Alberta has spent the last 20 years working in the title industry with Kristin learning the business during summers off from school. In 2011, Kristin knew that she wanted to join the industry and was brought on as a Partner and has sat in every seat. Today her title is COO.


The Flagship Title team used several different title and escrow platforms prior to joining the Qualia Platform. Each of those platforms limited the team’s ability to communicate with clients and required the team to spend their days working through a patchwork of systems. Alberta knew she wanted software that would take her company to the next level and support her team in the process.

Our previous platform was very basic. It didn’t give us any ability to communicate with anyone. It wasn’t pretty. Right from the start, I wanted to know how I could get the software to help me offer better service and better communication.

Alberta Party Bland, Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title


The Flagship Title team made the switch to the Qualia Platform in 2017. Since coming to the Qualia Platform, Alberta and her team have been able to simplify their workload through the innovative capabilities of Qualia. From Dynamic Workflows to Smart Tags, the intuitive interface Qualia provides has supported the Flagship Title team in optimizing their workflow and limiting time spent rekeying information.

Qualia is the full package — it allows us to ease the burden of paperwork and focus on building relationships with our clients. That allows us to take the next step forward.

Alberta Party Bland, Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title

Not only has the team been able to streamline their workload, but Alberta has also been able to quickly train her closers and set them up for long-term success. With all of the time saved by limiting the need to rekey data and enter information, her closers have been able to nearly triple their processing power.

My ability to get someone on the ground and running happens faster because Qualia helps me put them on the right path. In past years, the industry-standard has been for closers to handle 23 - 25 transactions a month. My seniored closers can do up to 60 a month with Qualia.

Alberta Party Bland, Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title


With Qualia as their team’s title and escrow software, the closers at Flagship Title have been able to go from closing an average of 25 transactions a month up to 60. This increase in processing power has allowed their team to operate at maximum efficiency, without increasing their headcount.

Without Qualia, you’ll spend an enormous amount of money, time, and effort on staff that might be two or three people top-heavy because your software doesn’t operate the way it should. With Qualia, your system is performing the way it should and you can improve your current staff and new staff’s performance in a shorter time period.

Alberta Party Bland, Partner and Managing Director of Flagship Title

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