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The Connected Title
& Escrow System Designed for Enterprises

Manage operations at scale while powering a new
level of partner collaboration.

Powering the Connected Transaction

Qualia Atlas is a comprehensive title & escrow system that combines title and escrow production and vendor management along with client, partner, and homebuyer connectivity. With Atlas, enterprises can differentiate how they orchestrate transactions with their colleagues, clients, and partners using a previously unseen level of collaboration and automation.

A Shared Infrastructure

A Unified Homebuyer
and Seller Experience
A Unified Homebuyer and Seller Experience
Real-Time, Two-Way
Data Exchange with Lenders and Brokerages
Real-Time, Two-Way Data Exchange with Lenders and Real Estate Agents
Connectivity with National and
Local Vendors
Connectivity with National and Local Vendors
Banking Connectivity
& Wire Fraud Detection
Banking Connectivity & Wire Fraud Detection
A Unified Homebuyer and Seller Experience Real-Time, Two-Way Data Exchange with Lenders and Brokerages Connectivity with National and Local Vendors Banking Connectivity & Wire Fraud Detection
  • Access a single portal for information gathering, communications, document exchange, signing, storage, receiving updates, and more

  • Gather hundreds of pieces of homebuyer and seller information in a structured format

  • Collect wire instructions and EMD payments securely

  • Provide a mobile and web application to drive a best-in-class consumer experience

Support Complexity While Maintaining Workflow Simplicity

  • Automate order open and file setup by auto-assigning order template, workflow, roles, doc packages, underwriter, and fees

  • Configure default settings to handle any transaction in any state

  • Auto-complete tasks required to clear title

  • Generate closing documents automatically utilizing a continuously updated, pre-loaded repository of 6,000+ document templates

Multi-Branch or Agency Privacy and Permissioning Controls

  • Support multiple branches and/or agencies on a single deployment

  • Grant permission-based access to file data

  • Configure branch and/or agency-level settings to provide high-quality, localized customer service

  • Allow cross-branch or agency workshare with view access to file data

Unparalleled Data Access for Enterprise Reporting and Systems Integration

  • Leverage API technology to securely export pertinent transaction data from Atlas into your Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, and other mission critical tools

  • Extract file data for cross-agency consolidated reporting

  • Make holistic, informed financial forecasting and data-driven decisions

Change Management for Complex Organizations

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Prepare For Change

We recognize that changing processes and systems can be challenging for everyone involved. We partner closely with your leadership and project teams to define a shared vision for success.

Experience & Expertise

Qualia’s change management program is designed by our Professional Services team of industry experts. Use our Workflow Framework to help you design and build your workflows, set up configurations, and create a reporting structure to manage your operations.

Adoption & Optimization

We work with you to ensure software adoption through the enablement of your team and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

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Qualia Atlas

Automated Default Settings

Based on criteria entered at order opening such as transaction type, property state, and source of business, workflows can be configured to automate tasks, automatically assign roles, fees, workflows, and more in order to save time and reduce the number of manual tasks and clicks per file.

Automated Title Service Order Placement

Automatically place orders for title services such as title searches, tax certifications, HOAs, payoffs, warranties, and more. Title search results flow directly into title commitment, eliminating the need to rekey and triggering the creation of tasks to clear title.

Comprehensive Vendor Onboarding

Work with your pre-existing local and national vendors on Atlas at your pre-negotiated rates. Qualia will onboard a select number of vendors not already on the platform, allowing everyone involved to take advantage of automatic ordering and streamlined data input and return.

Digital Information Requests and Invite Configurations

Automatically send requests for information to any transaction party. Receive structured data that flows directly back into the file, triggering downstream automation. Set controls over which contacts associated with an order receive an invitation to collaborate and provide information on a file.

Intelligent Data Flow

Only enter order data once. Data entered or received via initial order placement or information requests is auto-populated into the appropriate data fields on the order, triggering downstream automation.

Streamlined Title Curative

Batch-add any standard title exceptions and requirements, automate curative tasks, and track progress toward fulfilling the requirements via notes on task.

Streamlined Title Policy Issuance

Leverage underwriter integrations to auto-populate underwriter requirements and financial information directly onto the CPL and Policy with an underwriter policy jacket.

Integrated Rate Management

Easily maintain and retrieve underwriter rates and ensure rates are correctly applied to every order. In some cases, underwriters calculate rates directly in Qualia rather than relying on integrations, leading to faster and more accurate rates being added to a file.

Audit Readiness Dashboard

Lists all exceptions, uncleared items, and non-zero orders for bank accounts in real time, with direct hyperlinks to files that require action

Data Access (API)

Leverage API technology to automatically export pertinent transaction data from Atlas into your Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, and other mission critical tools

Configurable Progress Tracker

Increase transaction transparency by providing real-time status updates to all transaction parties. Configure the milestones you want to show your clients as well as homebuyers and sellers.


Utilize an extensive set of underwriter, property data, shipping, and e-recording integrations.
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Additional Features

Workflow: Title & Escrow

  • Centralized Team Queues and Bulk Task Reassignment

  • Batch-add Exceptions and Requirements

  • Out-of-the-box reports and report packages

Unified Closing Experience

  • Digital information and wire instruction collection

  • eSigning and RON

  • Document exchange and storage

  • Digital EMD collection and management

  • Closing coordination and scheduling

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