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Atlas Feature List

Qualia Atlas is a modern, cloud-based title, escrow, and closing platform built for enterprise title & escrow agencies operating at scale. By leveraging Qualia’s entire product ecosystem spanning title & escrow, lender, and underwriter solutions, you’ll fully unlock the systems’ automation capabilities and discover the power of a connected transaction. With Atlas, enterprise title & escrow agencies can manage day-to-day complexity while achieving a new level of transaction party connectivity, one that finally unlocks the ability to automate a closing end-to-end for both a title company and its partners.

Title Production Workflow and Task Management
Automated Order Acceptance and File Set-up Automatically accept orders from your high-volume transaction partners. Based on criteria entered at order open (transaction type, property address, settlement agency, and source of business), default order settings will automatically be added to the file (e.g., fees, workflow, roles, template, document package)
Centralized Team Queues and Bulk Task Reassignment Team members work together off one centralized task queue as a unit rather than each team member owning a particular task. Team leaders are able to monitor their team’s task workload so that they can ensure tasks are equally distributed, intervene if a task is escalated, and eliminate disruptions when team members are out of office by assigning their tasks to another team member in bulk or individually
Structured Data Only enter order data once - data entered, or retrieved via initial order placement or Information Requests (below) is auto-populated to the appropriate data fields on the order. Data entered in your (or your transaction partners’) system is automatically synced in real-time to all transaction partner production systems
Smart Action Groups Smart Action Groups are specific modules that are automatically applied to a workflow when the trigger condition is met. For example, if a particular lender is associated with a file and requires unique tasks, the Smart Action Group with the required, lender-specific tasks would automatically be added to the workflow
Stakeholder Connectivity
Information Requests Put the information intake process on autopilot with configurable Information Requests that can be automatically sent to clients and partners based on criteria such as order opening or identification of missing data. Received information flows directly into the file, eliminating the need for manual entry. Securely collect data such as:
  • Personal information of buyers/sellers
  • HOA information
  • Commission information
  • Upload photo ID
  • Lender contact information
  • Property information
  • Insurance
  • Confirm seller payment information
  • Payoffs
  • Utilities
  • Home warranty
Progress Tracker Provide real-time status updates on exactly where a closing sits to all parties in the transaction, including buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents
Invite Configuration * For qualifying transaction types, set controls over which contacts associated with an order automatically receive an invitation to utilize Connect functionality
Document Exchange and Storage Automatically associate documents with the order. Clients and partners access their documents before, during, and after the closing in a secure portal. Lenders can automate requests for documents (e.g., CD, Commitment, Closing Package) and receive those documents back from the settlement agency without ever leaving their LOS
eSign Eliminate the need to print or use a third-party application for documents. eSign allows clients to digitally sign, fill out, send, and store documents securely.
Partner Connectivity Utilize an extensive set of underwriter, lender, vendor, property data, shipping, and e-recording integrations. In some cases, underwriters calculate rates within Qualia rather than via integration
Wire Fraud Detection Automatically collect wire instructions and bank account information via Information Request. System will return a risk assessment from Low to High.
Earnest Money Deposits * Send an information request to buyers to connect their bank account to Qualia. Buyers will be prompted to to upload an image of a physical check, which is auto-deposited into your bank account and a confirmation is automatically sent to the buyer.
Vendor Management
Automatic Order Placement and Structured Data Return Automatically place orders for title services (e.g., title search, tax cert, HOA, payoffs, warranty) and receive structured data back that will flow into data fields and eliminate rekeying. Discover hundreds of new vendors in the Qualia Marketplace
Onboard Existing Vendors Onboard a select number of pre-existing vendors onto Qualia and continue working with them at your pre-negotiated rates.
Track and Assess Vendor Performance View vendor performance and historic pricing with built-in Vendor Performance Reports and Vendor Report Cards to assign more business to highest performing vendors and make informed decisions when choosing to work with a new vendor
In-app Order Accounting Balance every file in Qualia with a smart-balancing tool that tracks if your order is balanced and alerts you if the file is out of balance so you minimize risk of disbursing on an unbalanced file
In-app Global Accounting Built-in automatic bank account clearing with positive and reverse-positive pay, reconciliations, and global accounting reports
Incoming Wire
Incoming wires import to a centralized queue in Atlas where wires can easily be allocated and posted to the corresponding order. Users are notified as wires come in via the queue or to a specific order as funds become available
Outgoing Wire Integration Send outgoing wires, including all wire information such as FedWire #s, amounts, memos, and instructions directly from Atlas to your bank’s approval queue. Status updates including issued, error, transmitting to bank, received by bank, and void statuses are returned back from the bank portal to the file in Atlas
Data Access, Permissioning and Configuration
Internal Systems Integration Leverage API technology to automatically export pertinent transaction data from Atlas into your Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, and other mission critical tools
Permissioning and Quality Controls Branch- and agency-level configurations within a single deployment manage their own setting preferences and processes. For cross-branch and agency collaboration, extensive role-based permissioning grants or locks out view and edit access to specific file data
System Transition Work with Qualia Onboarding and Professional Services at initial system setup to maximize utilization of the system and boost internal productivity
Closing and Post-Closing
Audit Readiness Dashboard * Central portal to identify and take action on any files with audit red flags (e.g., file shortages, outstanding credits) with direct hyperlinks to files that require action
Remote Online Notarization (RON) For eligible transactions, Qualia RON enables a fully remote and digitally-native closing experience. Buyers/sellers can work with a remote notary to eSign closing documents directly in Qualia
Automated Post-Closing and Recording Automatically reconcile disbursement data, record via SimpliFile, upload final policies to transaction partners, and submit remittance
Two-factor Authentication Provide additional security measures by enabling 2FA, which requires two steps in order to verify a user rather than just a single piece of information (e.g., password)
Single Sign-On Provide additional security measures and convenience for employees and transaction partners by enabling SSO, an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple apps and websites using just one set of credentials
Trust Center Qualia's approach to security and privacy is built around 5 pillars; Security, Customer Tools, Compliance, Legal & Privacy, and Reliability. Learn more in our Trust Center
Change Management and Support
Sandbox Environment Have access to a dedicated testing environment to pre-configure settings and test new features before enabling them in your deployment to manage future change
Professional Services Engagement Work with a member of Qualia's Professional Services Team for a dedicated number of hours to transition your operations to Qualia and configure the system to best meet your needs
Ongoing Customer Success Your Customer Success Manager is your assigned strategic partner to constantly ensure that agencies are maximizing Qualia to the fullest extent possible
Learning and Development Use Qualia University, an online, flexible, self-paced training program that guides you through every step of Qualia’s platform. Additionally, the Knowledge Base is a continuously updated repository of helpful articles, how-to guides, and webinars that support your use of the platform.
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