Qualia Assure - the first modern agency management suite built to delight underwriters and title companies alike.

Closing Party


Gain Visibility and Increase Efficiency

Gain approved access to your agents’ books with secure single sign-on and deliver title products instantly with automated document tracking

Attract New Title Agencies

Unlock new prospective customers from a vast network of title companies who use Qualia for title production

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Software

Eliminate the need for costly, inefficient underwriting software and maintenance

Seamless Information Exchange and Streamlined Audits

Automated Data Sharing

Reduce errors and speed up the closing process. Information is sent directly from the title agency’s system so agents no longer need to enter data more than once or switch between software systems.

Audits Made Simple

Access files within an audit period and request documents for review online. Eliminate the need to email documents since file sharing happens seamlessly between Assure and Qualia’s title production software systems.

Revenue Recognition and Analysis

Automated Reconciliation

Automatically compare payments to copies of final policies and analyze remittances to ensure accuracy.

Custom Reporting

Report on actual vs. estimated revenue and premium, outstanding remittances, agency splits, as well as product usage. Generate custom reports, including critical financial reports.

Built-In Network of Potential Clients

A Shared Platform

Get discovered by new potential title agent clients using Qualia who see the differential benefit of working with an Assure-powered underwriter.

Best-in-Class Security

It’s Your Data

You own your data, Qualia keeps it secure. Assure meets the international standards for comprehensive security management. Qualia has ISO 27001 certification and an updated SOC 2 Type II report.

“Assure streamlined the process of the agents being able to access our documents whenever they needed them. They know what to expect, and we have immediate knowledge if there is an issue. Sometimes it’s even before the agent has become aware of an issue, before there would have to be any corrections down the road.”

Portia Lipani, Escrow Officer, Pulsar Title Insurance Company

Key Features

Qualia Integration

Deliver rates, policy jackets, and CPLs directly to title agents using Qualia’s software with out-of-the-box integrations.

eRemittance and ePay

Transfer remittances via ACH and report on final policy remittance data.

Monthly Reconciliations

Collect and automatically analyze monthly reconciliations. Automatically flag specific issues like negative trial balance, outstanding payoff checks, and outstanding premium checks.

Global Reporting

Report on actual vs. estimated revenue and premium, outstanding remittances, agency splits, product usage, and custom reports, including financial reporting.

Audit Management

Auditors can complete an end-to-end audit, including file review, from Assure. Use built-in intelligence to flag potential audit violations.

Automated File Review

Underwriting rules trigger automatic file reviews. Program custom underwriting rules and configure policies for individual agents.

File Lifecycle Tracking

View detailed file status including CPL and policy status with enhanced integration.

Forms Management

Customize forms and allow agents to access forms packages.

Policy Copy Database

View and download full policy copies, including schedules when enhanced integrations are turned on.

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