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Toward Healthy Home Ownership

At Qualia, we’re making it easy to buy and sell homes.

our story

We believe that technology will play the key role in restoring healthy homeownership to the United States.

Buying a home is a complicated, confusing, and stressful process. We’re focused on changing that by bringing efficiency and transparency to what is often the largest purchase of someone’s life.

what we do

We build products that make home closings more transparent and efficient.

We’re moving the current chaotic, paper-based process to a modern, digital transaction.

how we do it

We’ve built a shared system of record for real estate transactions.

We believe that is the first step towards fundamentally changing the experience of buying and selling homes for both the consumer and the real estate professional.

who we are

We're people with a mission

We are a diverse team of experts from across the tech, finance, and real estate industries, who are passionate about solving the challenges facing our communities to make it possible and easy to buy, sell, and own a home.

The scope and timescale of our project is large and we are working to build an enduring institution capable of executing against it. Culture is the foundation of any such institution.

Our core values are based on the principle of having all employees act as leaders. Leaders bring people together and are respectful of all people. Leaders strive for excellence and have a bias to action. Leaders are curious and seek out the best problem solving frameworks. Leaders are customer obsessed and act like owners.

who we help

Meet Our Community

We power real estate transactions across all 50 states.

Qualia’s technology has brought together thousands of title & escrow agents, lenders, and real estate agents to streamline the closing experience for millions of people. Our technology removes the stress from home buying and makes the process easy to understand, seamless and secure.

See how we’ve helped our customers overcome their challenges.


The Road Ahead

We are working hard to remove any barriers to healthy homeownership.

With Qualia, lenders, real estate companies, title & escrow operations and more are helping millions of homeowners towards that goal. Families are now able to move into new homes without anxiety and professionals are finally able to provide the quality of service they’ve been working so hard to deliver.

It’s a long road though. Our strategy, products and the values of our people put us in a unique position to solve the problems ahead of us and the challenges in real estate facing our communities. Together, these three aspects of Qualia have put us on a path to helping restore healthy homeownership to the United States.

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