Close Mortgage Loans Faster and Avoid the Headaches

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Close loans faster and avoid the headaches

Whether you close five or 5,000 loans a month, Qualia simplifies the closing and post-closing process for you and your team.

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Work with your Title Companies to Simplify and Automate Closings and Post-Closings.

Improve Automation

Manage quoting, ordering, status updates, trailing documents, and collaboration across purchases, refinances, and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Proactively stop mistakes in their tracks. Real-time reporting notifies you if documents haven’t been recorded, if title insurance hasn’t been issued, and if trailing documents are delayed.

Quoting & Transaction Management

Seamlessly connect and collaborate with a trusted network of title agents across the United States from order open to post-closing.

Qualia Post

Automate Trailing Document Fulfillment with Qualia Post

Take the hassle out of post-closing by automating trailing document collection. Qualia Post automatically collects trailing documents from your title company partners and passes them to the documents folder of your LOS.

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Automate Manual Tasks

Qualia Post eliminates countless follow-up phone calls and emails every month by automatically collecting digital and physical title policies, recorded mortgages, and other documents. Qualia Specialists will follow up with your title partners on your behalf until all necessary documents are collected.

Qualia Post also saves your team time and effort by eliminating the need to scan and upload documents into your LOS.

Effortless Implementation

Set up Post in hours with minimal impact on workflow. As an included service component, Qualia Onboarding Specialists will onboard your title partners.

Real Time Reporting

Stay updated on all of your transactions going through your post-closing operations. Smart dashboards track your post-closing files and compliance process in one place.

Qualia Post also updates LOS fields so you can continue to utilize your current LOS reports and workflows.

Three-way reconciliation completion

Rest assured knowing your reconciliations are completed by a professional to exacting standards, while following ALTA Best Practice guidelines.

Minimize Risk. Maximize Compliance.

Qualia is the system of record for the entire closing process.

Avoid putting your data at risk working with title companies using outdated software. Qualia’s cloud-based platform keeps your sensitive data private and secure.

Qualia is used by all parties in the closing so you can be confident that data access is auditable and secure from title agent to notary, surveyor, and more.

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Delight Your Borrowers

Create a positive closing experience for your clients

Clients get real-time updates through easy-to-use web and mobile apps. Accelerate information sharing and eliminate surprises through a secure collaboration platform. Easily access and automate your compliance tasks like collecting trailing documents.

Track Closings Through Qualia

Simple & elegant workflows improve your experience with title companies.

Order Closings Directly

Receive quotes and order closings from your software.

Track Key Milestones

Get web and mobile updates when key closing events occur.

Access Compliance Details Directly

Securely retrieve state Licenses ID, E&O insurance verification, and more.

Fee Collaboration

Automatically and instantly balance and match all fees for closing disclosures accurately.

Streamline Workflows and Efficiency

Track time to completion for milestones, verify closing documents are produced correctly.

Automatically Collect Trailing Documents

Save countless hours each month with automatic document collection from all your title partners.

“Qualia is a game changer for our mortgage operations. We’ve gained back critical time to focus on superior customer service and winning new business.”

- Andrew R. McElroy, Vice President, Mortgage Operations at American Federal Mortgage Company

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