The Future of Real Estate Summit 2024 | April 8 - 10, Austin, TX

Save Your Seat

The Future of Real Estate Summit 2024
April 8 - 10, Austin, TX

Save Your Seat

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Seamless Disclosure Creation

Search for frequently used fees and payees. Populate disclosure and payment data directly from your contact database.

Stay TRID Compliant

Designed from the ground up for the Closing Disclosure. Smart calculations and error checking prevent common TRID mistakes.

Work in Real-Time

Data saves as you type, preventing loss of work. Any number of users can work on the same transactions at the same time, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Keep Track of Trends

Understand your business with comprehensive reports. Measure where your revenue comes from and track progress on ongoing orders.

Calculate Fees Automatically

Automatically calculate prorations, adjustments, payoffs, commissions and other fees. Cut down on repetitive data entry while keeping disclosures accurate and compliant.

Streamlined Contact Management

Keep track of the lenders, brokers, and the other contacts you do business with. Qualia helps you detect and remove duplicate entries, keeping your contact system clean and up-to-date.

Generate Hundreds of Closing Documents

Generate documents with data populated directly from your orders, including federal disclosures, tax forms, title documents, and more. Just print and you are ready for closing.

Full Email Integration

Link your email to send documents and messages directly through Qualia. Recipient information autocompletes based on order contacts.

Intuitive Interface

Upload files by dragging them into the system. Search for documents, create folders, and track versions.

Smart Scanning

Scan documents directly into your settlement system. QR codes allow your documents to know exactly where to go, allowing for seamless uploading.

Integrated Shipping Labels

Print shipping labels directly from the application. Recipient and sender information populates automatically, preventing duplicate entry.

Integrated e-Recording

With our e-Recording integrations, record closing documents directly from your settlement system. Contact and property information automatically populates, preventing duplicate entry. Qualia even notifies you when your documents have been accepted or rejected.

Integrated Accounting & Disclosure

Save time with an accounting system that integrates with your disclosures. Disbursements automatically populate in the ledger, reducing errors and preventing redundant data entry.

Intelligent Accounting

Qualia allows you to quickly balance files by summarizing important accounting information and telling you why your files are out of balance.

Gain Insights

Generate order ledgers, trial balances, and other accounting reports. Stay up to date on your account activity and compliant in your bookkeeping.

Ledgers & Registers

Move seamlessly between order ledgers and bank account registers. Quickly search, sort, and filter your receipts and disbursements.

Unified Platform

Generate commitments and policies for any underwriter with a simple, unified interface. Qualia always uses any information you've already entered, so there is never redundant data entry.

Real-Time Rate Calculation

Premiums automatically calculate as you work. We work with your underwriters to ensure that the calculated rates are precise and accurate.

Issue Policies & CPl's

Issue policies and closing protection letters. Do your title work without ever leaving your settlement software.

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