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Standardize the Way You Work With Title & Settlement

Automate your operations with any title company in order to deliver secure, on-time, and error-free closings.

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Gather information from title companies 5x faster with structured information and document requests.

1 in 3

1 in 3 Connect users report completely eliminating rekeying errors with automated data flowthrough.


Save up to 7 working days on title orders with automated workflows.

Work the same way with any title company

Standardize and automate your workflows with any title company to gain control over closings across both purchases as well as refinances.

Increase mortgage team efficiency

Reduce manual work with a two-way integration between your LOS and your partner’s title production system. Leverage powerful automations to remove bottlenecks and speed up closings.

Operate within secure infrastructure

Reduce the risk of phishing and fraud when you operate on secure infrastructure, with features like Two-way Messaging, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Role Based Access Controls.

Delight borrowers with more transparent closings

More transparency means happier borrowers. With complete visibility into the title status of each loan, loan officers can now give them accurate, real-time updates.

Stay In-Sync with Any Settlement Partner, For Purchases and Refinances

  • Direct Access

    Connect integrates your LOS with Qualia Core, the leading title production software solutions for title & escrow companies. In the case that a title company does not use Core, they will be invited onto a secure portal to collaborate with you in the same way.

  • Real-Time Connectivity

    Keep everyone on the same page to get through the title process faster. If the loan amount changes, the settlement partner will be immediately notified. What you see for critical closing information is what your partner sees, eliminating the need to call or email.

Automated Title Order Placement & Information Gathering

  • Milestone-Triggered Ordering

    Automatically place title orders directly from your LOS once the required milestone is hit, kicking off the process faster. Receive confirmation from the title company upon order acceptance, eliminating the need to follow up.

  • Information Gathering Made Simple

    Automatically collect critical data for a loan file by securely transmitting information requests for set data fields such as the legal description or time and place of closing.

  • No More Rekeying

    All received data flows directly back into the relevant fields within your LOS, saving processor time and eliminating errors that could delay closings.

Document Exchange & Two-way Communication

  • Automated Document Transfer

    Automatically trigger requests to settlement partners for critical documents such as the CPL, Title Commitment, signed Closing Package, and more. Receive documents directly into your LOS folder and eliminate the need for email and phone call follow ups.

  • Secure Communication with Title

    Centralize communications on a loan file by messaging title companies with secure, two-way messaging. Keep an audit trail of communications for more efficient internal collaboration.

Real-time Transparency and Performance Reporting

  • Granular Visibility Into Each Loan

    Gain unprecedented visibility into the closing timeline with realtime status reporting on the title & escrow process for each loan.

  • Scorecarding Across Title Companies

    Monitor average turnaround times and fulfillment rates by title & escrow company, enabling you to optimize your operations.

A Secure Platform for Exchange

  • Safe Collaboration

    Integrate, communicate, and collaborate within secure infrastructure to keep yourself and your borrowers safe from phishing, fraud, and other cyber attacks. Operate and transmit within a SOC-II certified environment.

We have already used Qualia to share information with our title partners, but this new functionality in Connect is making a dramatically positive impact across our entire operation. It’s such a game-changing process to just look at our reports in Qualia and see that we already have 90% or more of the information we need already loaded in there without us needing to take any manual action.

Andrew McElroy, Senior Vice President at American Federal Mortgage

Key Features

Title Order Placement

Automatically place orders with any title company based on triggers in Encompass. Receive notifications when order has been accepted and is in-progress.

Information Requests

Automatically collect closing data for each loan file. Securely transmit information requests and receive data directly into relevant data fields to eliminate rekeying.

Document Exchange

Automatically trigger requests to settlement partners for critical documents. Receive documents directly into the relevant LOS folder and eliminate the need for manual follow ups.

Progress Tracker

Maintain granular visibility on each closing’s progress with real-time updates. Receive notifications for status changes like clear title, loan amount, closing is complete, and more.

Order Reporting

Maintain visibility of all loans by stage and all requests by fulfillment status. Gain a snapshot view of your closing pipeline’s health.

Performance Reporting

Track fulfillment rates and responsiveness by title company. Gain insight into performance across all title providers to make data-driven decisions.

Trailing Document Collection

Send automatic requests for trailing documents to title companies. Receive digital versions directly in your eFolder in a centralized source of recorded documents.

Fulfillment Specialists

Qualia fulfillment specialists help monitor title company document delivery and follow up on your behalf. Eliminate time spent chasing after title companies and avoid investor penalties.

Two-way Messaging

Streamline communication for you and your clients’ with all messaging happening in one, secure portal. Customize automated messages and routine work like reminders, avoid re-typing information, and keep track of the back and forth in one spot.

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