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Qualia Helps Stonebridge Title Group Successfully Transition to Remote Work

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Company Name Stonebridge Title Group
Company Type Title & Escrow
HQ Florida
Products Core,Connect

Stonebridge Title Group is based in Winter Park, Florida. Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group, shared the benefits of using a cloud-based software and how Qualia has helped her team to successfully transition to working remotely.

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The challenges have been few and far between because we have the tools in place that allow us to seamlessly transition to a remote environment.
Sultana Haque Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

About Stonebridge Title

Stonebridge Title Group is a title company based in Winter Park, Florida. The Stonebridge Title team serves all of Florida, conducting transactions for a wide range of clients. Due to COVID-19 concerns, Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group, and her team proactively made the quick transition to working completely remotely before most others.

COVID-19 has changed our process because of the inability for us to meet with clients and vendors, especially as it relates to actually handling the closing transaction. We aren’t able to sit around the table and explain the closing documents in detail. We now have to handle that communication virtually or through phone communication.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

Because the team is no longer conducting in-person closings, Sultana shared how Qualia has made it possible for her team to smoothly transition to working remotely. From the ease of employee accessibility through one remote login, to the secure client communication tools like Qualia Connect and vendor management suite in Qualia’s Vendor Marketplace, Qualia has empowered the Stonebridge Title Group to maintain business continuity during these uncertain times.

Qualia’s Cloud-based platform outperforms alternative VPN options

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is ensuring that team members have access to all documents and files. In order for employees to access work materials remotely, they must either have access to a VPN, or a cloud-based platform like Qualia. Sultana shared that utilizing a VPN though would bring many complications, such as cost increase and limited access.

A VPN would be more expensive, more cumbersome and increase the risk of potential connectivity issues. Using a cloud-based system like Qualia has allowed us to streamline our remote operations.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

On the other hand, a cloud-based platform like Qualia gives employees seamless access all documents and files from anywhere with an internet connection. Because the Stonebridge Title team uses Qualia as their closing software, users can access all files and collaborate with team members at any time from anywhere.

If we did not have Qualia, accessing documents and files would be a lot more cumbersome. We would actually be forced to use a VPN to log into our central system because that is where those documents would be housed. With Qualia, there is no need to use a VPN. Because Qualia is web-based, we can easily access our documents securely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

Using Remote Work Features to Their Fullest

Following the team’s transition to working remotely, Sultana named some of the specific Qualia features that helped her team to be successful. The Qualia Connect suite of features and Dynamic Workflows were just a few of the tools that Sultana credits with supporting the team’s transition.

Qualia Connect Became a Must Have Client Communications Tool

Qualia Connect is a suite of client communication features that brings all parties in the closing transaction together such as Qualia’s built in eSign, a real-time Closing Tracker, and a mobile app for clients to ask questions. This has been an integral part of the team’s transition because it has allowed for the continuity of secure communication and document sharing with their clients. Through the Connect secure portal, documents can be shared electronically and safely with clients leading up to the closing day.

With eSign by Qualia, clients are able to sign and return documents electronically, without leaving the safety of their home. The Messenger tool allows clients to communicate in one secure place and receive updates on their closing with the closing Tracker. This eliminates the need to search through an email inbox and ensures that no information is neglected.

Collaborating on files would be much more cumbersome if we weren’t using Qualia. We would have to send emails back and forth to each other or call each other. Any changes made wouldn’t be documented as well as they are with Qualia. We would need several methods to accomplish this, but Qualia allows us to do it all in one platform.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

Dynamic Workflows Made Remote Teamwork on Files Seamless

The Dynamic Workflows feature within the Qualia Platform has also been an essential part of the Stonebridge Title team’s success. With Dynamic Workflows, tasks can be assigned to users and are associated with the transaction type, ensuring that Sultana’s team members have exactly what they need to successfully complete a file. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and promotes peace of mind for their clients.

Using Qualia has helped to put both vendors and clients alike at ease because we have been able to implement our remote changes relatively seamlessly. Without much delay, we have been able to still handle closing transactions, whether it’s through RON or utilizing mobile closers. At the same time, we have been able to keep clients and vendors safe. They are safe and they still know that everything was done well because they are able to securely access all of their documents.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

Keeping Clients Safe and Happy

The Stonebridge Title Group makes client satisfaction their mission. Sultana credits the Qualia platform for her team’s ability to adapt quickly to working from home while maintaining a high level of service for their clients. From the ease of accessibility to the tools provided within the cloud-based platform, Qualia is the software choice for companies transitioning to remote work.

Qualia has really helped us prepare for unusual situations, like COVID-19, because it has made working remotely so seamless. I was apprehensive when we realized the whole team needed to work remotely but then I realized that Qualia offers so many different tools within the platform, both for working with our team members as well as working with our clients and vendors. Regardless of what may happen in the future, we feel well equipped to continue our operations without experiencing any significant delays. That is huge for maintaining our business and keeping our clients and team members happy.

Sultana Haque, Managing Partner of Stonebridge Title Group

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