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How Qualia Marketplace Helped Cut LemonBrew’s Notary Order Time By Over 95%

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Company Name LemonBrew
Company Type PropTech
HQ New Jersey
Products Core,Connect,Marketplace

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With Qualia, we know that no matter the size we can get to, they will be there to support us and we will be able to get the job done.
Matthew Bachner Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew


LemonBrew Technologies is an innovative, full-service real estate company that streamlines the real estate process from start to finish through its four divisions—LemonBrew Real Estate, Lending, Abstract, and Insurance. By providing real estate, mortgage, and title services, LemonBrew offers a digital end-to-end homebuying experience for consumers to discover a local real estate agent, find the perfect mortgage, and close on their home smoothly.

To accomplish its goal of delivering an end-to-end homebuying experience, LemonBrew Abstract—the division that issues title and handles closings—leverages Qualia’s suite of products including Core, Connect, and Marketplace to scale its operations and provide excellent customer service. Through Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew discovered a national notary partner, Signature Xcel (formerly known as Sign X), that helped LemonBrew scale the high-touch signing experience it offers its clients during closings. Since switching to Qualia in 2019, LemonBrew has experienced phenomenal growth and has expanded 10x, from 3 to 33 states, in just two years.


LemonBrew Abstract started operations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina and was looking for a title & escrow technology solution to help its business scale to additional states. Inefficient title production technology and manual vendor management made it difficult to scale nationally. The company's previous title production software did not offer integrations with outside parties, including vendors, lenders, real estate agents, homebuyers, and sellers. This resulted in LemonBrew using multiple disjointed systems and manual processes to manage vendors and conduct closings. Overall, LemonBrew's internal operations didn't match its vision of the seamless homebuying experience it wanted for its customers. Most notably, LemonBrew's need for a reliable notary partner with local knowledge limited growth due to inefficiencies around vendor sourcing, manual'tasks, and unreliable individual notaries.

Difficulty Sourcing Reliable, High-Quality Notary Vendors

One area of need for LemonBrew was identifying dependable notaries across the country who possessed local expertise. The task of discovering local notaries in unfamiliar regions often felt like a shot in the dark for LemonBrew. The team spent hours searching online and calling independent notaries directly. This process of vetting and researching each notary individually pulled the team away from handling more pressing matters such as managing client experience.

Manual Tasks Made It Challenging to Scale Vendor Operations

Prior to using Qualia Marketplace, the manual process of identifying multiple independent notary agents was time-consuming and made it challenging to deliver a seamless homebuying experience. In addition to a manual vendor discovery process, the Lemonbrew team also had to call notaries to place orders, confirm availability, and get status updates. If a notary was delayed or an issue arose, the team dealt with each notary agent individually. This manual process and one-on-one communication with notaries made it very difficult to scale operations.

Unreliable Notaries Led to Poor Customer Service

By constantly sourcing new vendors, LemonBrew found it difficult to deliver the highest caliber of service to its clients. While some notary partners were professional and dependable, others delivered a poor customer experience to LemonBrew’s clients. Inconsistent service from independent notaries made it difficult for LemonBrew to maintain its positive brand reputation, grow into new states, and scale its business. Its team needed a solution to find consistent and top-performing notaries with local expertise.


Through Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew simplified vendor management and gained access to a vetted network of top-performing vendors. With Marketplace, LemonBrew reduced the time needed to find vendors (such as a national notary agency) and connected with quality service providers that have since turned into long-term partners.

Easily Identify High-Quality Vendors

In Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew can easily discover reliable, high-quality vendors. Marketplace saves LemonBrew hours that were previously spent sourcing and vetting vendors. Instead of researching vendors online or through inbound vendor sales pitches, Marketplace summarizes all information on vendors, including vendor ratings, insurance coverage, pricing, and services in one place. This information is front-and-center for the LemonBrew team to quickly identify the right vendors for its specific transaction needs and business requirements.

Like many title companies in 2020, LemonBrew experienced a surge in orders and needed to streamline operations during high volume. Most pressing during the pandemic was the need for notary agents who could meet with LemonBrew clients in various locations for socially-distant signings. In Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew connected with Signature Xcel (formerly known as Sign X), a professional nationwide notary agency. Signature Xcel provided quick and reliable service that helped LemonBrew scale its closing services to new regions while still meeting local requirements for notarization during the pandemic and after social distancing requirements ended.

Rates in 2020 were extremely low, and everyone was refinancing. We had so much growth and we didn’t have the human resources to call notaries, but we knew we could rely on Signature Xcel.

Matthew Bachner, Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew

Gain Order Efficiency Through Automation

Qualia Marketplace enables LemonBrew to centralize and automate its operations with vendors like Signature Xcel—resulting in huge time savings for LemonBrew’s team. Before Qualia, manually placing an order with an independent notary took 15 to 30 minutes per file. With Qualia Marketplace, this same process takes under a minute to complete—a savings of over 95%.

I can send the order to Signature Xcel and I know they’re going to get me a notary. As soon as I place that order with them, they take care of it. For my team, it’s saving us at least 15 minutes per file because we don’t have to go chase down a notary.

Matthew Bachner, Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew

As LemonBrew grows into new states and regions, Qualia Marketplace replaces much of the manual work involved in vendor management and provides a consistent order process. Partnering with Signature Xcel creates additional time savings for LemonBrew with the notary scanbacks feature in Marketplace. This feature means Signature Xcel’s team scans and delivers documents after closings and LemonBrew’s team doesn’t need to scan in or rekey information.

The best thing about this process is that Signature Xcel offers the option to provide scanbacks for the closing. With this vendor management system, scanned documents are already in Qualia as soon as the next day or even 2-3 hours after closing. It saved us tons of time because we didn’t have to have our team scan every package once it came in.

Matthew Bachner, Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew

Expand Rapidly Without Sacrificing Customer Experience

By connecting with high-quality, national vendors like Signature Xcel in Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew has grown its business quickly by standardizing and automating its vendor operations with Qualia. Improved vendor reliability and turn time predictability have allowed LemonBrew to provide a consistent customer experience across various states and regions.

We want each client to feel like it’s an end-to-end experience with LemonBrew. We don’t want our clients to feel that the service they’re receiving is different from LemonBrew. Our vision and our customer service align so that it’s one integrated customer experience.

Matthew Bachner, Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew


From 2019 to 2021, LemonBrew grew from 3 to 33 states. This rapid expansion into new states and regions was made possible by switching to Qualia. LemonBrew leveraged Qualia's suite of products to streamline operations and connect with outside parties to deliver an end-to-end homebuying experience.

With Qualia Marketplace, LemonBrew centralized and scaled its vendor operations, enabling it to quickly expand to new regions by partnering with high-quality and reliable vendors like Signature Xcel. Marketplace also enabled LemonBrew to maintain strong vendor relationships by improving order management and invoicing. Bachner says that Qualia Marketplace "makes life a lot easier" by reducing error and simplifying communication with vendors and clients through the use of fewer portals and tools. As LemonBrew continues to expand nationally, it is confident that Qualia will facilitate its growth by creating vendor management efficiencies and providing an unmatched closing experience for its clients.

With Qualia, we know that no matter the size we can get to, they will be there to support us and we will be able to get the job done.

Matthew Bachner, Title Operations Manager at LemonBrew

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