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How NEMA uses Qualia Marketplace to Build a Strong Rapport with Customers

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Company Name NEMA
Company Type Notary
HQ Texas
Products Marketplace

NEMA is based in Mansfield, Texas and was founded by Melissa Johnson Eldridge. NEMA provides high-quality, experienced notaries to closings across the country. These notaries are trained by NEMA to facilitate in-person, RON, and hybrid closings.

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Qualia gives us the exposure to title companies [through Qualia Marketplace]. We can offer multiple signing options to our clients and that is what makes us stand out.
Melissa Johnson Eldridge founder and CEO of NEMA


NEMA is a nationwide mobile and remote notary signing service and consulting firm founded by Melissa Johnson Eldridge. The company provides trained, high-quality notaries for signing sessions across the nation. NEMA identifies and sources notaries who have experience facilitating in-person, RON, and hybrid closings to facilitate seamless signing experiences for their clients.


Over the last eight months, companies have had to drastically change the way they interact with customers. Melissa knew that in order to continue to develop strong relationships with her customers, she had to change the way she did business.


Melissa decided to become a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace in the summer of 2020 because she knew that in order to thrive in a remote world, she needed to evolve the way her team interacted with their customers and take a digital-first approach to customer engagement. Through the reporting, feedback, and messaging functionality provided in the Qualia Marketplace, Melissa has built stronger relationships with her customers.

The Qualia Marketplace allows us to build a strong rapport in a virtual world.

Melissa Johnson Eldridge, founder and CEO of NEMA

Reporting Functionality

Melissa uses the reporting functionality provided in the Qualia Marketplace to inform her practices and determine proactive outreach. Melissa shared, “On slower days, I’ll use the reporting functionality to look through canceled orders and make a note to reach back out. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on our progress. I’m able to find who canceled and say, ‘Hey, it looks like we weren’t able to serve you the first time, we’re still here and we’d love to work with you.”


Another feature available for vendors is the feedback section. This section stores all feedback from customers and allows vendors to reflect on their service. Vendors are able to sort the feedback based on the number of stars given (out of five) and use the feedback to inform their practices. This feedback is only visible to the vendor, creating a safe space for reflection.

We love the feedback section because it allows us to really listen to customers and make sure their needs have been met.

Melissa Johnson Eldridge, founder and CEO of NEMA


NEMA uses the messaging feature to communicate with customers before, during, and after the transaction. To ensure a smooth signing experience for all parties, the NEMA team sends a checklist through the Marketplace. This checklist outlines what the signing experience will entail along with ways the signers can prepare.

All of the order and contact information are available at our fingertips. We are able to easily communicate with the title company in that same platform.

Melissa Johnson Eldridge, founder and CEO of NEMA


As a vendor in the Qualia Marketplace, NEMA has been able to build a strong rapport with their customers virtually. From proactively helping their customers prepare for signings through the messaging feature, to reviewing feedback to ensure all customers had a high-quality experience, Melissa and her team have successfully built strong relationships through the Qualia Marketplace.

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